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Dida V ou Didaquenta, I 8223
à jour au: 2016
1978 Plan Peterson 39ft, construit au chantier Ambrosini, Italie en aluminium


Built as Two Tonner

1978 Picture from Facebook 2020,

Sardinia Cup: 1er/36, Rating: 31.6', Bruno CALANDRIELLO
Octobre "Uomo Mare",

Picture of "Yena", her sister ship ??,

1987 New Owner, and new name,
Golf, I 8223

2013 21 juin, ORCi Worlds, Ancone, Italie: ?e/59 ORC Class A, Marco ROSSI/Giuseppe GIARDINI

2014 Seen on Racing Boat List, GPH 2014: 629.78;
Pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

2015 Civitanova - Sebenico: 11e/14 IRC, Gabriele GIARDINI

2016 30 juin, Civitanova Sebenico, 106NM: DNF/28, Gabriele GIARDINI

2020 Pictures from Facebook