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Doug Peterson

Liste des bateaux:

40 Carats F 6961 Contessa 35;
Adrenalin KA 1999 Peterson 1980, not a One Tonner, it is Two Tonner;
Aladdin D 1001 Peterson 1977
Andara US Contessa 35 1974;
Audacious US Peterson 19??, 2004 26 June, Singlehanded Transpac: ?e/24, Carlton Eshelman, Fairfax;

B 195 KA B 195 Peterson, dériveur 1977;
Barnstorm KZ 5717 Peterson 1985 IOR 30.5', 1985 Southern Cross: ?e/36, New Zealand "B" Team: ?e/12, Sydney Hobart: 77e/178 elapsed time 4d08h38e, TCF 8156, J.Hall;
1985 December "Offshore",
Black Magic US Peterson 197?, 1977 OT North Americans: 2e/?;
Blackheart US 49433 Peterson 35 1978 Cooper Yachts, ex "Waylon";
Bootlicker K Contessa 35;
Brown Sugar US Peterson #60 197?;

Calypso III F 7223 Contessa 35, 2008 dernier certificat HN;
Cocodrillo I 6889 Impala 36 ?, 1976 Cape To Rio Race: 5e/148 ttc, Emma Maseratini;
"Cape to Rio Race, Official Brochure",
Combat II K 3643 1979, 1991 Renammed "Elea";
US 20470 Peterson 1975 J. Rodgers, 1976 One Ton Cup, Marseille: ?e/43, M. David-W. Diehl;
Constance of Lymington
K Peterson 1984, 1984 One Ton Cup, La Trinité: 19e/24, coque de Contessa 39 avec formes AR modifiées, Sardinia Cup: ?e/??, 1985 East Anglian Offshore Racing Assoc.: 3e/? Classe 1, R. Bryan & M. Ives, 1988 Seahorse, For Sale;
1984 Underway to Sardinia Cup, picture from J. Rodgers website 2016,
Cosmos GR 111 Contessa 35 1974;
Country Woman US Peterson Contessa;

Daulen VI F 6450 Contessa 35;
Deception KA 3200 Peterson 1978 Sister ship de "B195" dériveur, renamed "Thirlmere";
Diamond Cutter KA 1792 Peterson 1975;
Dida V I 8222 Peterson 1978, 1987 renamed "Golf";
Draco US 49476 Peterson 197? a Cooper Gambare based in Seattle, info and picture from Peterson Facebook 2019;

Elea K 3643 Contessa 35 ?, ex "Combat II";
Eliza G 1785 Peterson sister ship de Gunboots en bois moulé 1974 construit au chantier Burmeister, renamed "Sextett";

Fortune Hunter US Peterson ?, 1974 Ida Lewis YC Level Racing Series: 1er/? OTC, 1975 SORC: 4e/?? ttc et 1er/?? Classe E, rating 27.4', Cameron;

Ganbare US 37665 Peterson 1973;
Golf ITA 8223 Peterson 1978, ex "Dida V";
Gumboots K 3666 Contessa 35 1974;

Hati IV NZ 111 Contessa 35 1974;
Hercules K? ?? Contessa 35 modifié 1975, ex "Streaker";
? Peterson ? built in New Zealand, 1976 Sydney Hobart: 53e/85 elapsed time 5d02h11', J. Violet, 1977 30 March, Sydney Brisbane: 3e/35 IOR corrected time 82h00', Sydney Hobart: DNF, 1978 Sydney Hobart: 55e/108 elapsed time 5d18h21', J. Violet, 1979 Sydney Brisbane: 14e/34 IOR, Sydney Hobart: DNF;
1976 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Huon Chief (KA) A 31 Peterson 1974;

Idee Fixe 2 F Contessa 35, 1985 Spi Ouest France: 3e/?D2, Boquiem;
Inflation US Peterson 1975 built in aluminium by Eichenlaub, single spreader rig, 1975 SORC: 2e/?? ttc et 3e/? Classe T, Lowell North, rating: 27.5', SDYC Ton Cup: 2e/?? OT, 2021 Comment from Facebook "Commissioned by a client from Hawaii, chartered for SORC by the local sailmaker & friends, raced in Hawaii after she got there for a couple of years, then went ??? IIRC sold to east coast??";

Jeff U(ruguay) 6708 Peterson 1975 Cantieri 71, ex "Puka Puka";
Jolly Olly IV CND 19875 Peterson 35 #1 1974, Jolly Olly IV was the first (boat #1) from which the mould was made for all other Peterson 35s where made. Built by Don Martin at Cooper yachts in Surry B.C., 1982 Picture from Royal Vancouver Yacht Club,

Karate KZ Peterson, Contessa 35 modifié;
Kentucky Women US 18509 Peterson ?, 1985 September, Big Boat Series, San Francisco: ?e/??, rating: 31.0', Jerry Wood;
Kindred Spirit US 14464 Peterson ?;
King Fish US Peterson ?, 1975 1er septembre, One Ton Cup, Newport: 9e/20;
Knytte D 711 Contessa 35 1976;

Lady Of Solent F 6450 Peterson ex "Solent Saracen";
Legende US 40055 Peterson 1984, Jeanneau,
Liho Liho BL 500 Peterson sister ship de Gunboots en aluminium 1974 construit par Kesteloo;
Lively US Peterson ?, 1975 OT North Americans: 7e/??, 1er septembre, One Ton Cup, Newport: 7e/20;

Magic Pudding KA B 195 Peterson 1977, ex "B 195";
Magic Twanger (The) US 12587 Peterson 1973 built in wood by Eichenlauk;
Mayhem K 776 Peterson 1980;
Mini Jumbuk KA SA 119 Peterson 1979, ex "Sunburst", 1989 Sydney Hobart: 24e/108 corrected time 3d08h06', TCF 8031, J. Howell;
1989 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Morgana Sw Contessa 35 1975;

Natael III I 6554 Peterson Impala 36(?) 1975 built by C. Navale 71;
Neptune One F 7080 Contessa 35 1977;
Not By Bread Alone Us Peterson design #18 1974 One of the more famous Cooper/Martin Ganbare 35s;

Obsession B F Contessa 35, ?;
Odyssey K Contessa 35 1974, ex "Bootlicker";
Ole G Peterson 1977, 1978 One Ton Cup, Flensburg (RFA): 22-8-24-27-18 = 21e/36;
Osceola US Peterson ?, 1975 Semaine des One Tonners, Saint Petersburg Floride: ?e/11;

Peau d'Bouc F Contessa 35, ?;
Pied Piper US 47721 Peterson ?;
Pipien Too I 6655 Impala 36 1975 built by C. Navale 71, 1975 Giraglia: 6e/29, VI Settimana Velica dell'Argentario: 1er/14 Classe I à III, Semaine des Bouches: 6e/28 Classe III, Semaine International de Noël: 1er/?? Classe III, Curci, 1976 One Ton Cup, Marseille: ?e/43, Pictures from "Bateaux" magazine archives;

Puka Puka I 6708 Peterson-Gambare 1975, renommé "Jeff";

Relentless KA Peterson 1978 Sister ship de "B195", dériveur;
Ruthless KA 1510 Peterson 1975 built by Quilkey Brothers;

Saïga Z 735 Contessa 35 ?;
Saracen K Contessa 35 ?;
H 2160 Peterson 1975 built by W.H. Kesteloo, 1975 Channel Race: 3e/? Classe III, Van Dam, Fastnet Race: 3e/42 Classe III elapsed time 114h43', Championnat du RORC: 2e/? Classe III, 1976 One Ton Cup, Marseille: ?e/43, J.C.W. Van Dam;
Sextett GER 1785 Peterson 1974 Burmester, ex "Eliza";
Slalom Glade Contessa 35 1977;
Sleeper US Peterson Ganbare 1974;
Solent Saracen K Contessa 35;
Stinger US 47505 Peterson en aluminium ?, renammed "Vamp";
Streaker KA 2020 Contessa 35 modifié 1975, renamed "Hercules";
Sumbra IV I 6061 Peterson 1974;
Sunburst KA SA 119 Peterson 1979, 1982 Sydney Hobart: 47e/118 elapsed time 3d16h37', TCF 8110, B. Weston, 1983 Sydney Hobart: 111e/173 elapsed time 4d02h23', TCF 8101, Weston, 1987 Sydney Hobart: 92e/153 corrected time 3d10h55', CF 8041, renamed "Mini Jumbuk"; Not on OT main list as it is not sure she is a OT, TCF as some other OT!

Télémaque F Contessa 35;
The Magic Twanger US 12587 Peterson 1973;
Thirlmere KA Peterson 1978, ex "Deception";
Thunder Cloud
NZ 2557 Peterson 1975 built by Cavalier Lidgard Yachts, NZ, 1975 Sydney hobart: 50e/102 elapsed time 3d12h48', D. Hogg & A Stewart, 1977 Sydney Hobart:52e/129 elapsed time 5d13h10', D. Hogg & A Stewart;
1975 "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",
Tin Woodsman
US Peterson Design #38 ?, 1976 Lipton Cup: 1er/??, 1977 OT North Americans: 3e/??, 2018 From One Ton Class Facebook: "Later Audacious. Had hydraulic rams at the headstay and backstay with a valve to change the mast rake in flight without changing the tension. Also had hydraulic "vang down" and "vang up." Someone once opened both valves and pumped away. Blammo-hydraulic fluid all over the deck. Still need to scan & post a pic. Great boat. Michael Kennedy";
From One Ton Class Facebook,
Traveller US Peterson 197?, 1978 OT North Americans: 3e/?;

Ultraviolet KA 352 Peterson 1980, 1981 26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race: DNF, J. Violet, , 1983 26 December, Sydney-Hobart Race: 90e/173, elapsed time 3d06h31', TCF 79314, J. Violet;

Vamp US 47505 Peterson ?, ex "Stinger";
Vanessa III KA 1510 Peterson 1975 built by Quilkey Brothers, ex "Ruthless";
Viola ITA 8700 Peterson ?, L: 12.10m;

Waylon US 49433 Peterson 35 1978 Cooper Yachts, renamed "Blackheart";
Wiki Wiki
It Peterson-Gambare ? construit en plastique, 1974 Middle Sea Race: 3e/6 Classe III, Violati, 1975 Semaine de Gênes: 3e/18 OT, SNIM: 4e/20 Classe III;
Wildwood US 12864 Peterson design #19 ?, 1975 1er septembre, One Ton Cup, Newport: 8e/20, One Ton North Americas: 2e/??;

Picture from Peterson Facebook 2018,
Witchcraft K 777 Contessa 35 ?;
Woodpecker US 26700 Peterson 1978;
from Internet...

Production Boats:

Contessa 35, chantier Jeremy Rodgers, UK;
Impala 36, chantier C. Navale 71 en Italie de 1975 à 1977, noté similaire au Contessa 35, LOA: 35.76 ft / 10.90 m LWL: 28.54 ft / 8.70 m; Beam: 10.83 ft / 3.30 m; S.A. (reported): 817.00 ft2 / 75.90 m2; Draft (max): 6.23 ft / 1.90 m; Displacement: 12,787 lb / 5,800 kg;


2018 Avril "Le Bon Coin", A Vendre One Tonner 11,50 m, Dessiné par Doug Peterson en 1978 fibre de verre, Viens de traverser l'Atlantique, Tout le matériel à bord prêt à repartir, pas de vis caché, 25 000 Euros, photo de l'annonce,

One and Two Ton IOR Numbers.
GUMBOOTS is Design #16. STINGER is Design #20. We believe PIED PIPER is a Design #16, bumped at the BWL, lighter, and in less aggressive bow down trim than GUMBOOTS. But, as you can see, the early Peterson One Tonners were pretty similar across the designs.
Picture from Peterson Facebook 2018,