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Swuzzlebuble V, KZ 4466
à jour au: 1999
1984 Plan Farr #138,

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The yacht was a development of Bruce Farr's dominant One Ton design, Design #136, which had formed the basis of New Zealand's outstanding 1983 Southern Cross Cup team. Epic Lass, and her sistership Swuzzlebubble V, were designed and built with a view to competing for New Zealand in the 1985 Admiral's Cup series, and were twin versions of Design 138, optimised for the lighter airs expected in Europe being slightly shorter in length (approx 7in), lighter (approx 190lb), with a fractionally lower ballast ratio, and carrying more sail for the same One Ton rating of 30.5ft IOR.
Building the mould for Swuzzlebubble V and Epic Lass, the IOR 'crease' clearly visible, along with the bump at maximum beam

1984 20th of December, launched with "Epic Lass" outside the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.
Picture from One Ton Class facebook 2016,

December, Auckland-Gisborne race: 5e/??, Ian GIBBS

Picture from One Ton Class Facebook 2015:

1985 Pas selectionné pour l'Admiral's Cup, mais a prévu de venir à la OTC 85
Early 1985, NZ Admiral's Cup trial series: Not selected.

Gibbs had made a number of changes to the boat and crew, including a new white paint-job and renaming the boat "Swuzzlebubble Six" for the Southern Cross Cup effort.

Swuzzelbuble VI
Feltex Regatta: 1er/?? IOR, Ian GIBBS
December "Offshore"

Cross 85: 14 - 14 - 17 - 14 - Sydney-Hobert: 26th = 20e/36, NZ Team A: ?e/12
including 26 décembre, Sydney-Hobart race: 64e/178ttc elapsed time 4d09h18', TCF 7960

1987 Further modifications, including a new keel and upgraded rig
NZ Admiral's Cup trial series: Not selected, Ian GIBBS
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

Southern Cross 87: 12 - 22 - 17 - 8 - 17 = 18e/??, NZ Team: 2e/??
Including Sydney-Hobart: 31e/146 IOR, corrected time: 3d06h46' handicap: 07951

Pictures from RB Sailing,

She was raced actively out of the CYCA, competing in long races such as the Sydney-Southport and Sydney-Mooloolabla, and raced in the Sydney-Hobart again in 198?.

1989 Mid February, Sydney Newscastle Race: 5e/?? IOR, Colin BOYLE

1991 Pittwater Coff Harbour race: 2e/? IOR Div 1
February "Offshore",

1994 She was bought by Bruce Guy and renamed
Naiad, (KA) 5466
and campaigned her extensively out of Launcestown, competing successfully in various offshore races out of Melbourne

1998 Renamed
Business Post Naiad, 5466

Three Peaks race: 1er/??, Bruce GUY
"Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Official Programme",

26 December, Sydney-Hobart: DNF/115, Two crewmembers died, including owner Guy, after the yacht was rolled in the mountainous seas.
The boat was left floating off the southern NSW coast, with the two dead crew members still aboard
"Voiles et Voiliers" 1999 February,

Later on, the boat was salved...

All infomations and pictures are from "RB Sailing blog"