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Epic Lass, KZ 5665
à jour au: august 2023
1984 Plan Farr, Design #138, Built at Siltec Yachts


Dossier plus complet sur le site "RB Sailing blog"
Complete file on "RB Sailing blog"

The yacht was a development of Bruce Farr's dominant One Ton design, Design #136, which had formed the basis of New Zealand's outstanding 1983 Southern Cross Cup team. Epic Lass, and her sistership Swuzzlebubble V, were designed and built with a view to competing for New Zealand in the 1985 Admiral's Cup series, and were twin versions of Design 138, optimised for the lighter airs expected in Europe being slightly shorter in length (approx 7in), lighter (approx 190lb), with a fractionally lower ballast ratio, and carrying more sail for the same One Ton rating of 30.5ft IOR.

1984 20th of December, launched with "Swuzzlebuble V" outside the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.
Picture from One Ton Class facebook 2016,

Picture from Facebook 2022,

1985 January, Auckland Anniversary Day regatta: ?e/??, (photo Dan Nerney/Yachting New Zealand magazine)

Admiral's Cup trials:
?e/??, Selected, Peter WALKER

Picture From Facebook 2023,

One Ton Cup
, Poole: 22 - 35 - 7 - 11 - 19 = 8e/38,
July "Seahorse",

Admiral's Cup 85: 21e/54
, dimasting during Fastnet race.
Photo G. Le Cossec, archives de la revue "Bateaux",

Pictures from "RB Sailing blog"

1986 SORC: ?e/??
New owner, ?? from Connecticut

"sold to a gentleman from Connecticut, and had a nice racing run in the Northeast"
Picture from Facebook 2023 "on Long Island Sound"

1988 For Sale 140 000 USD

"She then went out to Erie YC"

198? New owner, Don Wittenberg from Greenwich/Riverside YC

1992 February "Yachting", For Sale,

From Facebook 2022 "I believe her first stop after NZ was in Chicago, where I was fortunate to be part of her great crew for a couple years. She was owned then by Don Wittenberg and as I recall, his son ended up with her and did the rename of Big Time. Anyway, great boat."
"She got donated and then went onto the graveyard that is the Great Lakes. Final landing Erie, PA."

???? New owner, Marc Focke and new name,
Big Time,

2014 New owner, Robert Jackson, pictures from One Ton Class Facebook,

2016 From One Ton Class Facebook,

31 August, received mail from Marc Focke, "This year we worked intensively on our boat. New paint on stern and partly cockpit and the sides. The name was repainted too. On the inside we reworked the electrics and we installed a new autopilot and depth sounder. Besides that, lots of small projects that needed our attention..., We're currently at Shady Harbor Marina on the Hudson. We've done a lot of work on her during our holidays and she's looking great again "

"The new sailnumber will be NED 8550"

2017 From Facebook 2021, "We crossed the Atlantic with her in 2017 and she will get a refit this winter."

2020 Without date, Cherbourg (France), Picture from Facebook,

2021 May, Picture from Facebook, "Wonderful picture, looks excellent. This is #138 formerly owned by the RNZYS now in Holland. We crossed the atlantic with her in 2017 and she will get a refit this winter."

2022 Picture from Facebook,

December, from Facebook, "Former Epic (farr #136), now Big Time, is in the final renovation phase for this winter in the Netherlands at the Waarschip Warf (Nautisch Centrum Delfzijl)"

2023 August, from Facebook,