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Rob. Humphries designed a HT for Neville Maguire and Gordon Maguire of Howth Yacht Club (Ireland). She was to be home built in plywood. The construction project was never started, (Info Vincent 2015)


Airtight Garage KH 1033 1982 built in Hong Kong, 1982 3 April, China Sea Race, elapsed time 106h55': 7e/45 IOR, M. Gienger, 1984 14 April, China Sea Race, elapsed time 126h35': 12e/38 IOR, M. Gienger, 1986 23 March, China Sea Race, elapsed time 140h18': 14e/18 IOR, M. Gienger;
Peru 1985, Owner Alijandro Hughes, Based in Peru, 2nd Peru Int. Regatta 1989, 1st. Peru Int. Regatta 1992, Information and picture from Humphrey Design website (2017): She was designed for Alejandro Hughes of Lima, Peru, and in 1993 he wrote this note as a summary of his racing up to that time:‘Let me tell you that Cholo has been quite a success. We won two national championships, placed second overall in the Peruvian International Regatta of 1989 and placed first overall in the 1992 edition (with 5 first places out of 6 races). We have had a lot of fun and enjoyed beating the One Tonners and Three Quarter Tonners with a Peruvian built Humphreys designed Half Tonner, especially during the last international regatta where my dear friend Pepe Frers and his son were participating on an IMS and could not believe how Cholo performed against the X Three Quarter Tonners and against his One Ton design Victoria, etc. The previous edition we beat My Fair Lady among many other well known boats, one of which had been US Three Quarter Ton champion and was crewed by a team which included North Sails advisors.’;

Fantasy B 5394 1980;
Glafki II GR 5296 1979, ex "Roller Coaster";
Glafki III GR 4999 1981, Composite Epoxy construction. Owner Ioannis Alafouzos. Based in Greece;
Half Hour K 4173 1987, Design 70b;
Harmony K 5554 1980;
Henry Lloyd Harmony K 66 R 1980;
Humbug K 5553 1977, Built by and for Nic Palmer in foam sandwich;
picture from Humphreys website,
ITT Xtra K 5387 1984 Figaro 85 coulé. Coque carbone-kevlar;
1985 Octobre "Voile Magazine",
Linn Hi Fi K 4501 1987, Design 70a;
Potamos KZ 4850 1981, 2015 from Humphreys website: "Potamos is a Roller Coaster – derivative designed for D.S.Hart and built in Christchurch, New Zealand. Mr. Hart’s son, Rick, had sailed with Humphreys on Zephyros and had relayed favourable messages back to New Zealand. The Roller Coaster line was considered more appealing for the use intended of the boat than Humphreys’ Glafki/Scorpio line. We do not have any results documented save for the knowledge that she won Class II of her season’s points series in 1984.";
picture from Humphreys website,
Roller Coaster K 5296 1979 2e Half 79;

Roller Skate GBR 4360, 2015 Information from Humphrey website: " With Roller Skate, Mike and Mardie Delmar-Morgan wanted a competitive boat but one which offered reasonable creature comforts as well, with cockpit seats and coamings, and a moderately comfortable interior. John Cantrill’s Countdown, a slightly longer waterline design, was more spartan and had a simple trench cockpit. Roller Skate was an influential design of the early Eighties. She was the first of a line of Humphreys Three Quarter Tonners to offer a dual-purpose, cruiser-racer role. Her major success was one that did not happen! She had the best corrected time in the famous Round the Island race but retired because the Bembridge Ledge Buoy, a mark in the course, was just kissed in the rounding.
Roller Skate in particular has had a prolonged racing career, in the hands of John Dare after the Delmar-Morgans, and more recently under the ownership of Stephanie Merry who sailed the boat to great success in 1997, winning Class III in the British CHS Nationals and Class IV in the Junior Offshore Group’s season points championship. Not bad for a fiteen year old boat. Roller Skate was built by Neville Hutton and Steve Etheridge while Coundown was built by David Blatchford. Both were of composite epoxy around a p.v.c. core.
" , 2016 2 juillet, Round Around Island: NOD/469 IRC overall, rating: 0.956;

Scorpio IRL 5530 1981, 9e half 81;
Solan Goose K 5331 1977, was the first Half Tonner designed by Humphreys Yacht Design in 1977 and is built Built by and for Wally and Pat Naismith in West epoxy system. As such she has a special place in the history of yachting. 1979 13 juillet, HTC, Scheveningen: 36e/38, 2015 from Humphreys website: "Solan Goose was later sailed across the Atlantic by Bob Salmon and she is believed to be in Antigua now."

Summer Wine K? Humphreys & Dubois;


Mistral 31, 3 ou 4 de construits:

Miss Laureen F 7992 1980;
Moonshine K 19??;
Night Fever K 5318 Mistral 31 1979, ex "Troy";
Troy GBR 5318 1979, renamed "Night Fever";

Trapper 950, avec le moule du Mistral 31 :

Alerion of Adur K5354, she was based in Gosport;
Eagle Bay ? 1920, 2013 For Sale in Malta;
Fearnought K? pictured by Giles Ruel;
Hooligan GBR 710 1981;

Hy Flyer II ? 1983, 2013 For sale in Milford Haven;
Striggla GR 4997 1981, Navigue en Gréce, 2006 à 2013 obtention d'un certificat ORC, 2014 Seen on Racing Boat List, GPH 2014: 680.6;
Zephyros K 710 1981;

Trapper 31, more cruising version, only 2 built?:

Checkmate K??? 1986, 2013 For Sale £24,950 GBP located in Pwllheli, N.Wales, United Kingdom;
Clio ? 1986, 2013 For Sale;

MG HS 30 et RS30, MG Yachts, Greenock, Scotland:

K 4999 ?? vu sur la brochure ci dessous, coque bleue... est-ce "Flash" dont la décoration est similaire au bateau identifié sous le No de voile 4998?

Alles In Ordnung All 1985, ex "Rock and Roll";
Bellaquaine B 5399 1984;
Blue Chip GBR 5578 1985, 2010 for sale;
Checkmate XV 1985, ex "Blue Chip";
Confusion GBR 5367 1983, 1988 Décembre A Vendre dans "Seahorse":
Flash Irlande 1984, Half ton cup 84: 2e;
Glider II K 5391 1984;
Go-Kart Irl? ? A Vendre 10/90, 1er tour Irlande 88 clV;
Gunslinder II K 5369 1983, renamed "Maverick";
Heart of Gold K5391 1984;
Humphrey Go Kart IRL 5453 1984;
Hurricane Humphrey, ex "Flash" IRL ? MG RS30;
Local Hero GBR 5367 1983, devenu "Confusion";
Maverick K 5369 1983, ex "Gunslider II";
Red Eye IRL 5522 MG RS30 1987;
Rock and Roll G MG HS30 1985;
Sage K 5898 MG HS30 1985;
Secrets K 5395 MG HS30 ?;
Silver Fox K 5391 MG30 1984, ex-Glider II, ex-Heart of Gold;
Sojourner K 5391 1984;
Step by Step Alle MG HS30 1985 ex "Rock and Roll";
The Big Picture IRL 5522 MG RS30 1987, ex "Red Eye";
Wild Thyme K 5372;

1987 Avril "Bateaux":

MG HS 30:

Nessy 94, 36 bateaux construits de 1983 à 1986 en Norvége par le chantier Nesmar A/S, most of information and all pictures below are from "Nessy" website,

36 boats were buildt before NESMAR A/S went into financial trouble and had to abandon the production in 1985. The boat was made in two versions, a Racer, GP (Grand Prix) and a Cruiser Racer Cr/R with hull and deck moulded in kevlar and divinycell sandwich. This gave a construction with high strength in combination with very low weight. The interior are based on a molded inner liner, but varies from boat to boat by the owner’s needs and thoughts. A fractional rig with straight spreaders and running backstays does the boat challengig and fun to sail.  

Afrodite #12 N 5071, 1985 Faerdern: 11e/18 Klasse 8, O. Aandal, 2007 Owner, Dagfinn Aas;

Agalaus III #6 N 4214, ex "Quickstep";
Agnes #9 N 5242;
Ars NOR 5642 ?, ex "Vector Nessy", renamed "Vector";

Bajazzo #4 N 4313, ex "Suse", renamed "Gwen";
Bajazzo V #14 N 5072;
Bigamist #26 N 5683, ex "Prince Igor", 2007 Owner: Ottar Færestrand;
Bylgja #26 N 6202, ex "Hu Agnés", 1998 12 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 84': 21e/21 Lys R 1,16-29 en 22h41', Arild Johnsen, 2007 Owner: Arild Johansen;

C Natura #? NOR 6528, 1992 Faerdern: 17e/32 Klasse 10A, R. Nilsen;
Carpe Diem #5 Cr/R N 4312, ex "Messy", "Tyr", renamed "Ulmo";
#27 N 6264, 2007 Owner: Ankjell Brandal;
Comeback Kid NOR 6274 Nessy 94 Racing ?, 2021 MK-Bat: ?e/??, rating 0,894 Espen Bakkerud, 2022 6 November/26 March 2023, Vinterseilasene, Hanko: DNS/27, 2023 January, on Classic Half Ton Cup 2023 entrants list, Espen Bakkerud, 27 May, Kostrvalsen Union Race, elapsed time 3h22': 5e/5 HT, E.K. Bakkerud, 14 August, 13th Half Ton Classics Cup, Hanko: 34e/35
Crazy Horse Jr. NOR 6871 Nessy 94 CR/r 198?,

Dalari #10 N 5652, renamed "Mardoll";
Domino's Pizza;

Fastina Lente #3 NOR 4411, renamed "Namu III";
Felicia V
NOR 5071 #? ?, 1994 10 juin, Færderseilasen: 14e/27 Klasse 9/A, Dag Svendsen, 1995 9 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': DNS;
Funky Lady #19 N 5642, ex "Snark", "Ness Quick", renamed "Kvikkness";

Gwen #4 N 4313, ex "Bajazzo", "Suse", "Red Rapper";

Hu Agnés #26 N 6202, 1991 7 septembre, Hollaendersailasen: 7e/8 Lys < 1.06 en 646' T.E. Kopang, 1992 Faerdern: 28e/34 Klasse 8A, Tor Kopang, renamed "Bylgja";
Hugin #16 N 5810, renamed "Obi";

Ina Kristine #34 N 7298;

Kajla #33 NOR 14104, 2007 Owner: Knut Erik Johansen, 2010 11 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: DNF, Pal Christian, 2011 17 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 24e/24 Lys 1,17-19 en 14h39', P.C. Iversen, 2012 8 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: DNF;
Komback Kid NOR 6274 Nessy 94 Racing ?, see "Comeback Kid";
#? NOR 6481, 1992 Faerdern: 3e/32 Klasse 10A, Trond Skovly;
Kvikkness #19 N 5642, ex "Snark", "Ness Quick", "Funky Lady";

La Belle #22 N 5742, 2007 Owner: Steinar Hurrød;
Lady Mariell #13 N 5169, 2007 Owner: Bror Martin Hansen, based in Narvik;
Late Bloomers NOR 6263, 2023 14 August, 13th Half Ton Classics Cup, Hanko: 12+-6+-68-(14)-9-(13)-9-18-7-6= 7e/35, Martin Kamperhaug;
Picture from Facebook 2023,
Lock Ness #21 N 6799, ex "Nankis IV", 2007 Owner: Roar Brandsegg;

Ma....nita NOR 1998, for sale see below;
#15 N 8469;
Marco Polo N 5662 1986, 2016 Vu sur une liste: "IRC Sailboat Data (2016)", From Norway HT Class 2020 "En route pour Banff, en Écosse. Course de mer du nord 1990. Avec les voiles originales de Donald Duckman";

Mardoll #10 N 5652, ex "Dalari";
Mariana #20 N 9273, 1998 Hollaenderseilasen, 43NM: 3e/6, en 8h25' Trond Ryen, 2001 8 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 84': 31e/37 Lys C 1,15-16 en 23h30', Trond Ryen, 2002 14 juin, Faerder, 65': 8e/9 Nessy Cr/R, 17h39', Trond Ryen, 2004 11 juin, Faerdern: 12e/35 Lys 1,15-1,16 en 26h53', 2005 10 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 6e/9 Nessy en 12h51' à 25', 2006 9 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 7e/9 Nessy en 24h52', 2007 Owner: Trond Ryen, 2010 Owner: Sigtor Kjetsaa;
Memestra F 595 1983
Messie #5 Cr/R N 4312, ex "Tyr", "Carpe Diem", renamed "Ulmo",
#23 N 6263, 2007 Owner: Journée E Gundersen;
Morella II #29 N 7530, 1994 10 juin, Færderseilasen: 13e/24 Klasse 6/B, 1995 9 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 65': 7e/20 Klasse 1B, Roar Henden, 1996 7 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': 6e/10 TUR 6 en 23h41', 1997 6 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 66': 6e/9 Lys >1,9 en 27h14'', 2007 Owner: Kristian Gundersen;

Namu III #3 N 4411 1983;
Nankis IV #21 N 6799, renamed "Lock Ness";
Ness Quick #19 N 5642, ex "Snark", "Funky Lady", renammed "Kvikkness";
Nessie #4 N 4313, ex "Gwen", "Bajazzo", "Suse", "Red Rapper";
Nessy Hanko Edition NOR 6263, 2022 6 November/26 March 2023, Vinterseilasene, Hanko: DNS/27

Obi #16 NOR 5810, ex "Hugin" 2010 Owner: Helle Kristin Gjølme;
#8 N 5134, a fait naufrage - sank;
Odins Ravn #2 N 4315 ?;
Olivia #?? N ???? 1985, 2021 For Sale, Pris130 000 kr;

Personnel de l'Horloge #36 NOR ??, 2007 Owner: Trond Skovly;
#35 N 9747, 2007 Owner: Arnfinn Kuvik;
Prince Igor #26 N 5683, renamed "Bigamist";

Quickstep #6 N 4314, Renamed "Agalaus III";

Rampe #32 NOR 7293 ex "Squit", 2010 Owner: Hans Kristian Hegli,
#11 N 5057, 2007 Owner: Ole Storås;
Red Rapper #4 N 4313 ou Rode Rapper, 1991 Faerdern: 2e/12 Klasse 13A, H. Wetlesen, 1992 Faerdern: 8e/32 Klasse 10A, 1994 10 juin, Færderseilasen: 16e/27 Klasse9/A, H. Wetlesen, renamed "Bajazzo", "Suse";

Schtiw Kuling #28 N 6274, 2007 Based in Trondheim;
Sjö Camp N 4312, ex "Messy", "Carpe Diem", "Tyr";
Snark #19 N 5642, ex "Ness Quick", "Funky Lady", renammed "Kvikkness";
Spirit F 29595 1983;
Squit #32 N 7293, renamed "Rampe";
Staburet #36 Nor ? 1986, 2007 Owner: Trond Skovly;
Suse #4 N 4313, ex "Red Rapper", renamed "Barjazzo";

Tina II N 4311 1982 le prototype!;
Tomboy II
#17 N 5651, 1998 Hollaenderseilasen, 45NM: 13e/31 en 8h02' Sletten Rune, 2001 8 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 83': 7e/37 Lys C 1,15-16 en 22h11', Rune Sletten, 2002 14 juin, Faerder, 65': 2e/9 Nessy Cr/R, 16h32', Rune Sletten, 2003 13 juin, Faerdern: 6e/9 Nessy 94 en 15h26', 2004 11 juin, Faerdern: 9e/35 Lys 1,15-1,16 en 26h40', 28 aout, Hollaenderseilasen: 10e/21 Lys 1.16-1.17, Rune Sletten, 2005 10 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 1er/9 Nessy en 12h26', 2006 9 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 3e/9 Nessy en 23h08' à 46', 25 aout, Hollaenderseilasen: 3e/27 Lys 1,16-18, 2007 8 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: DNF/37 Lys 1,15-16, 2008 13 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo: 11e/37 Lys 1,15-16 en 13h47', Marit Sletten, 2016 Seen on Norwegian Racing List, owner: Rune Sletten;
Tristi #7 N 4544;
Tyr #5 Cr/R N 4312, ex "Messy", "Carpe Diem", renamed "Ulmo",

Ulmo #5 Cr/R N 4312, ex "Messy", "Carpe Diem", "Tyr";

Vector NOR-5642, ex "Kvikkness", renamed "Ars";
#25 N 5836, 2000 16 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 65': 35e/39 Lys R <1,15 en 11h55', Jorgen Kofoed, 2001 8 juin, Færderseilasen, Oslo, 65': 13e/20 TUR 5 en 20h01', 2007 Owner: Jørgen Kofoed;


2023 August, For Sale, Nessy 94 1998, 115 000 NOK, "Ma....nita",


2022 November, For Sale, Nessy 94 optimised ready for Hankø 2023. Contact mk@mkbaat.no,


2022 April, For Sale, Nessy 94 CR, 1986, 55 000 kr, located in Sandefjord, Norway

2020 September, For Sale, Nessy 94 CR 1985, 100 000 kr, Fakta Längd, 32 fot, Beskrivning, Here is for sale my lovely boat Nessy 94 CR 1985 registered in Norway. In 2019, the boat underwent a complete restoration -the work was carried out for half a year. Everything was replaced and a new gel coat was applied to the hull of the boat. Only the table and pillows were not finished. A week after the restoration in Sweden, in the Baltic Sea, the boat was planted on the ground with received minor damage to the hull. The biggest problem is the keel. One keel stud was broken off. The keel-to-hull connection is damaged. The boat turned out to be strong as it has a sandwich made of new insulation of fiberglass - polyurethane - kevlar. The boat has a cruising rick, kevlar sails (used for one season). The engine and chassis are not affected. The engine underwent a complete restoration, all parts were replaced with new ones. We cannot repair the boat as we cannot get to Sweden due to closed borders. I can give full detailed information.

2015 Information from Humphreys website: "Norwegians are renowned for projects, and summer houses come high on the list. Boat building also rates highly, and the Nessy Half Tonner for Nesmar was a fascinating project, designed as it was for a consortium of self-build owners.
The boat was properly tooled in an organised and professional way, with all the owners investing their own time for the collective good. The building premises even had a bunk house while long periods were spent working away. What happened to the divorce statistics in Norway in the early Eighties we cannot tell you, nor, unfortunately can we relay very much in the way of results information. To our knowledge only one boat found its way out of Scandinavia, Richard Oxley’s Spirit which he moulded in Norway with David Blatchford (builder of Countdown) and shipped back to Britain to fit out. Oxley’s 1986 season was a productive one.