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TROIS QUARTERS T.: Architectes - Numéros de voile - Liste Alphabétique - Résultats - Photos de Trois Quarts T. : THREE QUARTERS T.




Voiliers de course utilisés pour participer à la Trois Quarts Ton Cup entre 1974 et 1994, courue suivant la jauge IOR, et un rating de 24.5'.

Architectes: Liste des architectes ayant déssiné un trois quarts tonner.

Liste Alphabétique: liste des noms portés par les bateaux lors des diférentes courses et leur nom de baptéme.

Numéros de voile: liste des bateaux par le numéro de voile.

Résultats: résultats des Trois Quarts Ton Cup.

Séries: Liste des bateaux de séries

Trois Quarts Ton Cups, avec nombre de participants inconnus, pour les connues bateaux participants, identifiés, mais beaucoup sans détails: pavillon, architectes...


Racing boat used for Three Quarters Ton Cup between 1974 and 1994, with 24.5' IOR rating.

Architectes: List of Three Quarters Tonner's designers.

Liste Alphabétique: Names ship's list.

Numéros de voile: Ship's list by sail number

Résultats: Three Quarters Ton Cup's results

Séries: Production List

Three Quarters Ton Cups, with unknow entrants's number, entrants, identified, but lot of without details: flag, designer...


FASTNET 1979 – CLASS IV, (From Facebook 2020)


1 Black Arrow Royal Air Force SA Finished 1st – UFO 34
2 Samsara Madame O Tran-Van-Dom Finished 2nd
2 Lorelei M Catherineu Finished 2nd (time allowance)
3 Mahuri GM Lowson Finished 3rd – UFO 34
4 Kalisana HMS Sultan (Cdr Watson) Finished 4th
5 Karimata E Blokzyl Finished 5th
6 Tronador RMH Edwards Finished 6th
Dai Mouse Ill DWT Hague Retired
Challenge FM Murray Retired
Bertheaume Brest Syndicate Retired
Kamisado MJW Green Retired – UFO 34
Fragola GLC des Glenans Retired
Golden Princess A Hagnere Retired
Scattered Magic J Chuter Retired
Cheesecake D Hopkins Retired
Contentious Eagle Barclays Bank Ltd (B Roberts) Retired
Cosmic Dancer RG Warren Retired
Minipyge M Merfabruge Retired
Baradozic M Ganachaud Retired
Nepthys II Y Bodin Retired
Prairie Oyster CFR Purchase Retired
Goniocoque P Barriere Retired
Virginie Ecole Navale Retired
Drakkar R Morelisse Retired
Quixote E & IJ Watts Retired
Sigmania Major P Scholfield Retired
Electron II HMS Collingwood Retired
En Passant M Postman Retired
Hullabaloo AJ ·Otten Retired
Cassiopee R Hubert Retired
Rhapsody JA Hughes Retired
Cote De Beaute M Amiant Retired
Dumonveh G Messink Retired
Thunderflash Royal Naval Engineering College Retired
Copernicus A Morton & B Jackson Retired
Impetus DJC Longstaffe Retired
Carronade Mr & Mrs P Clements Retired
Alvena Y Oreo Retired
Scenario A Fitton Retired
Maelstrom MA Bolson Retired
Lipstick C Clarke & D Seabrook Retired
Sandettie I K Krygsman Retired – UFO 34
Fiorinda PB Eyre Retired
Detente CK Bond-Smith Retired
locomotion EA & JA Clegg Retired
Flashlight RN Engineering College Retired
Hestrul II DA Lewis Retired
Gringo A Morgan Retired
Callirhoe Ill P Bouyssou Retired
Ariadne FH Ferris Retired
Polar Bear JC Clothier Retired
Pegasus PGA White Retired
Ocean Wave J Toler Retired
Cabadah Capt G Greenfield Retired
Odyssea M Guichard Retired
Mezzanine K Hancock &lChapman Retired
Elessar II WPJ Laros Retired
Clarionet G & N Playfair Retired

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