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Flash Gordon, USA 43901
à jour au: 2023
1993 Plan Farr Design #279 - FARR IMS 39, built by Cookson (NZ), built in full sandwich of PVC and Kevlar in epoxy resin. The mast is an aluminum masterpiece from southern spars rigged with nitronic rod rigging. It is a 7/8 rig, three inline spreaders and jumper, with backstay, running backstays and checkstays. Deck hardware is from harken. 

Not build as a Three Quarter Tonner or One Tonner,

Comments from Farr Design website (2020): Design #279 - FARR IMS 39: Designed as a dual purpose IMS boat offering great racing performance compared to rating, the Farr IMS 39 is particularly aimed for fleet racing in regions where IMS classes have formed in the 595-600 GPH range. Relative to its handicap, this design is meant to be a very strong overall performer, especially in the 8 to 12 knot wind range, featuring long waterline length with moderate sail area and stability. Because of substantial internal ballast this design can be developed with a greater focus on cruising with an extensively appointed interior for an insignificant loss in performance. The deck layout is practical and simple. It promotes efficient crew operations as developed from Bruce Farr & Associates' years of experience maximizing crew performance in grand prix race yachts. Engineering details include Kevlar and S-glass sandwiched over PVC foam cores bonded with epoxy resin maximizing stiffness to weight in relation to IMS material restrictions. Kevlar provides good stiffness for weight, and better resistance to catastrophic damage from major impacts. These materials are strong, very durable and light. Construction is plan approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). (Same design "Rush" US 43864)

1993 Key West Race Week: 2e/?? IMS C, H. JAHN
US IMS Championship: 1er/?? IMS B
IBM/Sailing World NOOD: 1er/?? Grand Prix 40, M. DONAGEMMA

Picture from Farr Design website,

1994 Key West Race Week: 1er/?? IMS B, H. JAHN
Southern Ocean Racing Conference, Antigua: 3e/?? IMS 2
October "Yachting World",

199? Sold to Monica Donagemma second owner, with Mauro Uggè as skipper. In this period the boat well figured in IMS european Championship and other international races.

1995 May, European Championship, Punta Ala: ?e/?? Overall, Mauro UGGE

Italian Magazine,

Copa Del Rey, Spain: 4e/?? IMS R, H. JAHN

1996 European Championship, Italy: 4e/?? Overall, H. JAHN

Flash Slam,
19?? Alassio week: ?e/??, Monica DONAGEMMA
Italian Magazine,

199? Sold to a third owner who tried to tweak performances but without success placing a bulbed keel, raising the mast and playing with internal ballast but without any further success.the keel returned original indeed.

1999 19 Mars, Alassio: 29e/57 IMS, Federico CUSSOTTO

???? Sold to a fourth owner Vincenzo Pennisi

???? Sold to a fifth owner Marco Failla

2017 January,


20 November,

2019 December,

2020 May, from Marco Failla, "by some time now I'm the owner of Flash Gordon (a 1993 cookson built Farr 39 for Helmut Jahn), probably a unique type of boat as it is not IOR and it is not IMS yet (IOR keel and sailplane, early IMS hull, farr design #279).

"I am restoring Flash Gordon to the original configuration. I have lowered the mast to the original figures, replaced the rigging, replaced electronics, overhaul the engine, added onboardautopilot with remote control, update interiors
The boat is extremely fast in light or very light conditions and very technical as wind builds up. I feel her faster than what its ORC certificate says. Its helm is really sensible but with a reduced sail area she moves really nice for family sporty cruising. Interiors are well appointed for the size and sports a double V berth with enclosed toilet forward the mast.

Octobre, Flash Gordon is for sale now in Catania, Italy

2021 New owner, Andrea Milizia

2022 April, Coppa Dei Campioni, Polignano: ?e/??, Andrea MILIZIA
12 june, Brindisi-Corfou: ?e/??
18 September, 26th Cheradix2, Tarento: ?e/??

2023 31 January,

19 février, Campionato Invernale Altura, Tarento: 3e/15 ORC 2-4, MILIZIA/FOGGETTI/NARDONE
March, received from Andrea "Flash is still racing in inshore ad offshore regattas in Ionian and Adriatic Sea, Italy. We are 3 friends owners and we race in all events as possibile...The boat has all original rigging and structure. We just have add an asymmetrical fractional spinnaker and a bowsprit, so now we use spinnaker and gennaker in orc regattas. But in the summer we sail in Holiday to Greece in family crew!"