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Kel Steinman:

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Mini Tonner List, (not listed on site), from Facebook 2021:

Minizulu- 1/8 tonner 2nd in japan mini-ton nationals
Chibizulu- 1/8 tonner at RGYC still, comment from Facebook 2023 "“Chibizulu” built by Zulu Yachts in Geelong Australia. Designed by a Japanese fella,As Jonas said Yokayama I believe ( mis spelt for sure ). I bought it then sold it to a boat builder mate who stripped her and re built it. Swept the rig etc. great club racer, has won many trophies at our local YC.";
Picture from Facebook 2023,

Quarter Tonner List:

Imazulu KA G106 Steinman 1989, renamed "Wazazulu";

Imazulutu KA G107 Steinman 198?, renamed "Raeger";

Raeger KA Steinman 198?, ex "Imazulutu";

Wazazulu KA 707 Kell Steinman 1989, ex "Imazulu";



Halt Tonner list:

Chibizulu KA Steinman 198?, 1990 126th Australia Day Regatta At Geelong: 3rd Ocean RC of Victoria;

Dafra Sunscreens (KA)B 126 Steinman 1984, ex "NuZulu", renamed NuZulu";

Hall Chadwick NuZulu KA F 918 Steinman;

Lifesaver 15+ KA 3104 Steinman 19??, ex "Pemberton III";

NuZulu KA F 918 Steinman 1984, renamed "Darfra Sunscreens", then "Hall Chadwick NuZulu";

Pemberton III KA 3104 Steinman 19??, ex "Ruzulu",

Predator KA Steinman 19??, from Facebook 2022: "... predated Predator by quite a few years. Had its rig shortened and keel reduced with bulb added which slowed it up a fair bit. But won a lot of IOR races in original configuration.", "I sailed Predator in an Adelaide to Port Lincoln race quite a few years ago, pretty average boat at that stage I thought the Zulu's were from same designer (Kell Steinman) but were different. A wooden plug was built for those. Many years later it was made into a finished yacht.", "Interesting info. That Zulu tribe is interesting as well. I understand it was the owner of the shipyard that wanted to make a team-building around a tribe name. But why Zulu when based in Australia?", "he was enamoured with the Zulu 1/2 tonner in the advert. Commissioned an improved version and started Zulu yachts to take advantage of the success of that boat.", "it was G2211 when it was base at Royal Geelong Yacht club";

Premonition KA Steinman 1980, renamed "Lifesaver 15+";

Ruzulu KA G 104 Steinman 198?, renamed "Pemberton III";

Touch of Class II M 224 Steinman 1988;

Zulu KA Steinman 19??, 1985 Petersville Regatta: ?e/?? IOR, Gary Sheard and Stuart Wallace, picture from Facebook;

Zululu JPN 198?, sold to Japan, won all Japan Cup;

1987 Summer "Offshore",


Three Quarter Tonner List:

Bush I Do S 6 Steinman 1986, ex "Chris Choice";

Chris Choice KA Steinman 1986, renamed "Bush I Do";

Cruzulu ? ? ?, 2011 From Sailing Anarchy forum: "I Think. Not sure if that was the boat that got delivered to NZ, and the crew ran out of water and food half way across. Bill Dodds was renowned for his catering"

Larrikin KA B 78 Steinman 1989;

One Tonner List:

Noeleen III (KA) Sm 66 Steinman 1980;



60' Monohull:

Innkeeper KA 462 Steinman 1988 built in aluminium;



And also, (not listed on site), from Facebook 2021:

Amazon KA 8888 Steinman 66' 1990, comissioned initially as "Shaka Zulu", 1991-1993-1994-1995-1996-1997 Noakes Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race, Peter Walker, ???? Burnt at mooring, pictures from race's website;

Zulu Chief
, 50' did round Australia race, 2022: "I saw it cruising in Whitsunday recently";