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Sweet Pea, SA 352
à jour au: 1982
1977 plan LAVRANOS, Sweet Pea, prototype built in wood, 7,35 x 2,80 x 1,50m and 1.100 kg

1977 Ministers Cup week: 1er/??, Richard BEYTAGH

From Dutch QT Class Facebook 2018: "Received a great picture from Richard Beytagh of his wooden prototype 'Sweet Pea' (SA-352) at the 1977 Ministers Cup on Vaal Dam (South Africa). She was a 1/4 tonner designed by Angelo Lavranos (). Angelo Lavranos: "Richard and John Robertson owned the prototype which they raced along with Geoff Meek as skipper. Lex Raas had started building the production version and he sailed 'Lathyrus Oderatus and Cupea' with Dave Hudson and the other wooden one 'Red Baron' with Billy Liesegang . The class monopolised the podium for a number of years after that at every Regatta.

1978 10 July, Mainstay Week, Durban: 4e/15 Quarter Tonners, A. CONSTANT

1982 12 July, Lipton Cup, Durban: 7e/8 Quarters, Mark GUTHRIE, Aeolians Yacht Club
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