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Afternoon Delight US ?, 1977 Quarter-Ton North American Championship, San Diego: 4-9-5-8-dns = 7e/14, B. Pope;

Alley Kan ? 1977, 2018 For Sale, 2021 Scrapped;
Picture from Facebook 2021,
Scrapped! Picture from Facebook 2021,

Captain Moonlight 7430 1979;

Chou-Chou J 2181 série Magic Bus, 1978 QTC Japan: 21e/34, Kenji Igarashi, or under name "Marooner";

Diablesse Z 1060, 1978 série Magic Bus;

Hatchey Hummer, KZ 4223, 1980 25 October, NZ QTC Trial Series: ?e/15, N. Whitcombe, 20 November, QTC, Auckland: 12e/18, Whitcombe;

Infiltrator (NZL) 5732, 1985;

Locomotion KA 179 197?;

Magic Bus KZ 2499, 1976;

Marooner J 2181 Magic Bus ?, or "Chou-Chou" (!?), 1978 QTC, Japon: ?e/32, 2014 From Dutch QT Facebook: " "Kenji Igarashi (Ullman Sails Japan) send two pictures of the 1978 QTC he sailed. Here the Whiting design 'Marooner'. Looks like a sistership of 'Magic Bus', the winner of the 1976 QTC in Corpus Christi. Anyone more info about this boat?"

Meiga XVI ESP 1977 built by Astilleros Lagos boatyard;

Ms Premier Plastics KZ 3951 ?, 1980 25 October, NZ QTC Trial Series: ?e/15, K. Pearcey, 20 November, QTC, Auckland: 17e/18, Neil, 2014 The boat is racing at the Panmure Yacht and Boating Club in New Zealand, pictures and information from Dutch QT Facebook:

Muff G 2593 Whitting Magic Bus ?;

Poppyseed KA 2936 Whiting 1985 Length Overall: 7.8m Fractional 3/4, 2017 Seen on Australian Racing Boat List, owner: Klaus Keck;
Pretender SA 719 Magic Bus ?;
Pure Magic SA 394 Magic Bus;

Runaway Bus K 7055 1977;

Russel Pumper KZ 3268 1980, 1980 25 October, NZ QTC Trial Series: ?e/15, D. Pye, 20 November, QTC, Auckland: 18e/18, Woodroffe, mast issues;
1981 January "Sea Spray"

Samson KZ 3524 ?, 1980 25 October, NZ QTC Trial Series: ?e/15, 20 November, QTC, Auckland: 16e/18, Dodson;

"Seaply" & "Seaflyer" KA 101 1978;

Self Whitting KZ 3524 ? dériveur, 1978 Quarter Ton Cup, Japon: 22e/32, J. P. Bonica, same sail number than "Samson", same boat??;
2016 Mai, Dutch QT Class Facebook: Got in contact with John Bonica (long live www.boatdesign.net!) who sailed 'FUN' (Laurie Davidson centerboarder, KZ-3003) at the 1976 Quarter Ton Cup in Corpus Christi and 'Selfwhiting' (Paul Whiting centerboarder, KZ-3524) at the 1978 Quarter Ton Cup in Japan. He send us the following mail: "Hi Hylke, 'Selfwhiting' was another center boarder and was designed for a light air series in Japan which indicated by the weather stats for 10 years was notoriously light air predicted. Whiting designed my boat for light air. How wrong they were! In the long race it blew 30-40 knots all the time and destroy. We blew our main and had to withdraw. Half the fleet withdrew, the rest had to shelter in the lee of an island and some of them were arrested by the military as they did not have passports and never made it back to base for a week. The advantage went to the Japan as they were able to fly the course in a helicopter ahead of time. The warm water caused a light fog which made it impossible to see the round the buoys Olympic course races. This was in the days before GPS and plotters. We had a radio direction finder plus charts and a hand bearing compass for navigation. The scariest part was having to cross the Tokyo shipping channel at night upwind which was 7 miles wide and with ships 1/4 mile apart and 10 lanes deep. Before radar and relying on our radar reflector to be (maybe) seen in rough seas among the wave clutter. 'Selfwhiting' was very fine in the bow, with twin spinnaker launchers up front and a pole launcher along the boom. As I said ... a light air fractional rig flier which did not do well in sea conditions and big air. This would have been an ideal series for the Farr 727. I don't know if there were any there. "

Smokey Joe NZ 3650 1980;

Strawberry Letter KZ 3642 976, 1980 25 October, NZ QTC Trial Series: ?e/15, W. Radford, 20 November, QTC, Auckland: 7e/18, bateau loué par un équipage français, Teweles;