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Smokey Joe, NZ 3650
à jour au: 2015
1980 plan Paul WHITTING, built in the Magic Bus mold, with an revised deck plan.

1980 25 October, NZ QTC Trial Series: ?e/15,
20 November, Quarter Ton Cup, Auckland: 11e/18, WAKEFIELD

2005 New owner, in need of some serious repairs (deck and gunnal rot)

2008 Refit,

2009 May-August, U2 Winter 2009: ?e/??

2010 29 January, RNZYS rum races: ?e/??
6 February, BBYC short-handed
: ?e/??
17 March, Richmond Wednesday: ?e/??
March, UP to 26 championships 2010: ?e/??
May to August, U26 winter 2010: ?e/?? aout 2010
November, keel ("Added a small bulb to the bottom of the old keel and have cut equiv weight from the top")
and rudder ("old skeg/busstle removed and just a blade now") modification,

2011 2 March, Richmond Wednesday 2010-11: ?e/??
5-13 March, Panmure 2010-11: ?e/??
June to July, PCC Winter: ?e/??

Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook October 2015

2011 16 juillet, Simrad 50, elapsed time 5h55': 5e/6 Smallboat
9 November, PCC Tuesday 2011-12: ?e/??

2012 Well known 1/4 ton class boat Smokey Joe is available for interested purchaser, ... Upgraded Rudder -removed old skeg/bustle and added fin rudder Nov 2010
Modification of old keel -with addition of Bulb Nov 2010... Lying New Zealand - asking NZ $ 20,000.