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Ipsofact, NED 8820
à jour au: 2019
1983 plan Van de Stadt, Zeeton 24, could be 25th built

"Ipsofact has been built from 1980 till 1983 by the previous owner, his wife and father in law, who was a skilled wood craftsman. This craftsmanship is still reflected in some details of the wood-construction. He bought a set of drawings, and a certification at the Van de Stadt design office. He built the ship in a boat storage shed near “de Nieuwe Meer” lake in Amsterdam. The boat is built from Bruijnzeel Occume plywood and bonded with Ciba-Geigy Resorcinol resin (Aerodur) and stainless steel screws.
Ipsofact is a aggregation of Ipso and Facto which  means in Latin “by the fact itself”, or as explained by the builder;  ”built by myself”. The first time Ipsofact went into the water was summer 1983.

1983 Launching

Boat has sailed on the IJsselmeer/Markermeer and the Frisian lakes. 

???? New owner,

2017 Septembre, new owner (3rd one), Philippe Jegou, the boat is located in Wemeldinge cruising within the whole nederlands (Up to Frisian lakes) and racing in Zeeland.
9 septembre,

2018 40 mijl Van Bruinisse: 6e/18, Philippe JEGOU
Mossel Race in Yrseke: 2e/10
Décembre, received from Philippe all information and pictures