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à jour au: 2014
1979 plan Carl Schumacher, 1st design, built by Dennis Choate


1979 San Francisco Bay, National Quarter Cup: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 = 1st/11, Carl SCHUMACHER

1980 3 September, National Quarter Cup, San Francisco: 1er/??
November "Latitude 38", for sale & Carl Schumacher interview below on bottom page

1981 Stone Cup, 28 NM: 1st/? IOR D, Jim ANTRIM

1983 Golden Gate Mid Winters: 1er/?? IOR D, Rob MOORE

1984 28 April, Doublehanded Lightship Race: 2e/16 PHRF Div 2, Rob MOORE, San Francisco

1991 Golden Gate YC Midwinters: 1er/20 PHRF III,, Rob MOORE

2007 The owner of Summertime Dream has no plan to sell

Summertime Dream, 18859
Février, bateau racheté par Scott Owens à Alemada, Californie.
14 octobre, mail from Scott: "I wanted to send an email to everybody who might be interested in how things are going with the restoration of  Summertime Dream. Unfortunately the pictures are so big and so many I had to create a blog to record the pictures. I put the blog together last nite so it is currently very short on descriptions and does not have all the pictures etc. However, I just wanted to let everybody know that the boat has been in the water and sailing."

Picture from Scott's blog:

2012 12 avril, Corinthian Race: DNF
15 mai, Stand Down Marathon: 1er/33 singlehanded
2 octobre, Final 2012 - Three Bridge Fiasco: 2e/40 singlehanded

2013 19 March, ??? Regatta: seen on entrant list, singlehanded, Scott OWENS
June, received pictures from Patrick KOHLMAN

2014 From Internet, Dutch QT Facebook:

2016 Pictures from Dutch QC Facebook:

2019 26 janvier, Three Bridge Fiasco: DNF/44 Singlehanded Division, Scott OWENS



1980 November "Latitude 38 ",