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Sparegrisen, DEN 2
à jour au: janvier 2017
197?, plan Peter Bruun

1979 QUARTER TON CUP, San Remo: 43 - 51 - dnf - 46 - 24 = 37e/56, ??

???? Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook november 2015:

2014 January, New owner: Wolter Haverhals, and new name:

2017 January, from Wolter Haverhals: " I bought the boat in January 2014 from a Danish owner. He renamed it to Spidsgrisen. The boat is now based in Monnickendam in the Netherlands. It is for sale..." with the 3 pictures above,
For Sale,


2019 From Dutch QT Class Facebook: "Danish Peter Bruun designed the Marsvin 22 in 1977 as little sister of the Spaekhugger (1968), Kaskelot (1971) and Grinde (1974). The Marsvin 22 (6,75 m x 2,57 m x 1,40 m) was not intended for racing under IOR at all, but for the 1979 Quarter Ton Worlds they measured a boat and went to San Remo (Italy). Best result was a 24th/56 place, not bad for this small boat!
Found this picture in an old brochure. I think they sailed this flush deck boat in San Remo. Any Danes here with more info?