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Robber, plan Peter Ståhle,


Liste des bateaux:

Aleph NED Robber MKII,
2015 picture from Dutch QT facebook
Arriba NED 2261 Robber 3SL;

Bula K 68 Robber 3E, 2012 Jester Azores Challenge;

Cadet NED Robber III 1978, renamed "Running Tide";
Cycloon NED Robber IIIE ?, 2015 Information and picture from Dutch QT facebook, Schipper: Ronald Drost, Ligplaats: Putten;

Daffodil ? Robber ?, ???? Jan Bonnemaijers bought her in Ramsgate,
Daylight Robbery K 6131 Robber 3E;

Golliwog F 6318 Robber;

Heart Throbber K 6283 Robber ?, Seen on "Clyde Cruising Club Yearbook 2017", Sail Numbers and CYCA Handicaps;

Kochanka NED Robber IIIE ?, ex "Rampant Rapier", ???? New owner, 2015 Information and picture from Dutch QT facebook, Schipper: Alain Hoeksema, Ligplaats: Uitgeest

Little Fling ? Robber IIIE;

Macushia KA Robber 3E ?, ex "MacRobber", 2018 New owner, Jim McDonald, 2018 Owner, Jim McDonald, Picture from Dutch QT Class Facebook, 2019 Picture and comment from Dutch QT Class Facebook, "I have a Robber 3e: 'Macushla'; (previously 'MacRobber'?). Built 79-80 in UK; may have arrived in Australia via NZ (1980 1/4 Ton Cup, impossible as they have no Sthale design boat!). I purchased vessel in 2012 in Cronulla (Sydney) NSW. Still masthead rig, but quite fast when sailed in earnest. Any historical information on this vessel greatly appreciated. Happy if anyone likes to pm or email";

KA Robber 3E ?, renamed "Macushia";
Man en Muis
NED 898 Robber 3E, 2014 On Dutch Quarter List;

2015 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook
Midnight Robber G 96 Robber;
Miroir du Fou NED 2323 Robber 3E, ex "Renofant";

Nu NED Robber 3E ?, 2016 Pictures and comment from Dutch QT Class Facebook: "Arjan transformed his Robber 3E 1/4 tonner info a great cruising boat with lifting keel and double rudders to cruise his favorite Wadden Sea, the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world. The Wadden Sea is a Unesco World Heritage Site.",

Obstiné 6318 Robber 2 ex Golliwoog;
Outlaw ? Robber 1980;

Pindari GBR 7054 Robber 3E;
Punch FM 6318 ex Golliwoog

Rablo GBR 7242R Robber;
Rampant Rapier K Robber 197?, based in Ramsgate, owner: Paul Beer, in the UK the boat almost won everything, including the Channel Cup, ???? Jan Bonnemaijers from Den Bosch bought his Robber 3E long time ago in Ramsgate and renamed "Kochanka";
1978 July "Seahorse",
Rampant Robber K 6234 Robber 197?, 2023 Comment from Facebook "Here a picture of Stuart Jardine (passed away last week, RIP) driving his plywood Robber ‘Rampant Robber’. She was used used for the mould to make the GRP (3E) versions. She had a long low cabin top to meet the 1/4 ton rules at the time.";
Picture from Facebook 2023,
Randy Robber K Robber IIIE 1977;
Rebel S 5004 ? modified ?;
Reefer GBR 9789R Robber 3E 1980, ex "Tea-Leaf";
Renofant NED 2323 Robber 3E,
renammed "Miroir du Fou";
Rififi K 7192 Robber 3E, 2014 For Sale, 4750 £ lying Southwold;
Robber S 2412 Robber 1972;
Rugged Robber K 69 Robber, 2015 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook "racing at Burnham on Crouch Essex 1978";

Runaway Robber K 6039 197? built by BEBS Marine (British and European Boat Sales);
Running Tide ? Robber 3 ?;

Scarlett Runner R60 Robber 3E 1984, 2013 1er juin, JP Morgan Round the Island: 42e/??? ASC Division 8A, 10h07' elapsed, 9h22' corrected, Dominic Williams & Gary Rusbourne, 2014 21 juin, JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island: DNC/59 ISC 8A;
Second Wave NED 3247 Robber;
Sorbui K 6053 Robber 1997 For Sale;

Tea-Leaf K Robber 3E 1980, renamed "Reefer";
Throbber GBR 505T Robber Mark 2;
Ti-Gris 6318 Robber 2 ex Golliwoog;

Zoot Allures NED , Udo Hoffmann bought the boat in 2008 in Hellevoetsluis,
2015 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook

July "Yachting World",