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2 Robber:

Cadet, ?
à jour au: 2016
1978 plan Ståhle Peter, Robber III.

1978 Pierre Sjoerdsma bought her new in 1978 and named her 'Cadet'

Running Tide, NED ????

Picture from Dutch QT Facebook, "The Robber 3 'Running Tide' in better times" 2015 :

2015 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook, "She is in Heerenveen now and looking very sad....":

2016 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook, "For Sale ":

?, ?
à jour au: July 2015
19?? plan Ståhle Peter, Robber 3E.

Renofant, NED 2323

2014 On Dutch Quarter List, (2015 Picture from Dutch QT Facebook):

Miroir du Fou,
2015 July, from Dutch QTC Facebook: "Owner Edmond Ofner took four years for the refit, looking good!"

Septembre, Pampus Regatta: 9e/12Q, Edmond OFNER
Dutch Quarter Ton Cup 2015: 18e/23
Pictures from Dutch QTC