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Rassker, S 8946
à jour au: 2016
1983, plan Magnus Rassy built by Christoph and Magnus Rassy, L: 7.82m

1983 Was sailed by their builder Christoph and Magnus Rassy

New Owner:
Rassker, NOR 7946

2014 From Dutch QT Facebook: "Yesterday I got this picture of Stian Tønnesen from Norway. His father bought the 1/4 tonner 'Rassker' in 1986, the year Stian was born. The boat is built in 1983 by Christoph and Magnus Rassy, now CEO of the Swedish Hallberg-Rassy. The original sailnumber from 1983 - 1986 was S-8946. They enjoy and appreciate the boat very much, so the boat is being fully restored at the moment. Actually by Magnus Rassy himself and his great team at Hallberg-Rassy. 'Rassker' will be delivered in 6 weeks, and with the modifications and repairs 'Rassker' will be the boat of Stians childrens as well. The boat is located in Fredrikstad. Unfortunally there are no other 1/4 ton boats around. They are mostly racing Albin Express boats in regattas nearby. It would be cool to compete in a QTC some day"

2015 12 juin, Faerderseilasen: 3e/21 R 26 Bane H, en 19h56 réel, Magne TøNNESEN

2016 Seen on ORC Boat Database, owner: Magne TøNNESEN