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Blitz, US 57489
à jour au: 2022
1977 plan Peterson #39, daggerboard


1977 North America Championship: 1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 4 = 2e/14, Dave ULLMANS
Comment from Peterson website, "Ullman driving, navigation error in long distance race cost them the series. Would have been a favorite at the Worlds, but didn’t go. Upwind Rocket with deep daggerboard"
Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2018,

Picture and comments from Dutch QT Facebook 2018, "'BLITZ' Doug Peterson daggerboard 1/4 tonner (Design #39). She was an updated daggerboard version of 'Star Eyed Stella' that finished 4th at the 1976 Quarter Ton Cup in Corpus Christi (US). Here unfinished at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, circa early 1977. Dave Ullman (Ullman Sails) finished 2nd with her at the 1977 North American Championships. Would have been interesting what she could have done at the 1977 Worlds in Helsinki (Finland)..." and "Dave Ullman says they were so much faster upwind than the other boats at the 1977 QT NAs it was crazy. Here she is at that regatta, already around the mark with the kite full, while FUN still has some way to go upwind on port, before tacking to the mark. Only a navigation error on the last leg of the distance race prevented BLITZ from winning the NAs and going to the Worlds, where she would have been a favorite to win."

SDYC Ton Cup: 2e/??

198? New owner and new name
Rat Race Jr, US 77995

1984 Champagne Series, South Bay YC: 1 - 2 - 1 - 2 = 1st/?? PHRF C
23 March "The Dinghy",

2009 May, Paul B, seen on forum... "There were only a handful of daggerboard QTs ever in CA. The Whiting "Magic Bus" plus two or three production versions, the Davidson "Fun" (your boat), the Peterson "Blitz", the Nelson/Marek "Blivit". Your boat is the only one anyone has seen sailing for a very long time."

2014 December, pictures and information from Dutch QT Facebook: 1977 Peterson 25 daggerboard 1/4 Tonner for sale in San Fransisco (3 photos), This is a rare hull, one of the last of the original daggerboard 1/4 tonners. Double spreader fractional rig and a trailer. One of the great racing yachts from the past. Current name is 'Rat Race Jr', but it used to be Dave Ullmans 'Blitz'.... According to Ullman 'Blitz' was much faster than everyone at the 1977 North American 1/4 ton Championships, especially upwind. They had a 1-1-2-2- before having a navigation error while leading the final race and losing on points to 'Fun'... The boat needs some TLC, but is a complete 1/4 tonner. Anyone looking for a challenge?

2018 Coments from Dutch QT Facebook 2018: "The updated daggerboard version of STELLA, BLITZ, is currently for sale. All it needs is your wallet and it could be race ready! Jordan Murphy Harry O at H2O Sails in Long Beach has her. Contact Harry for details: www.h2osails.com"

2022 April, from Facebook "Blitz, the awesome Peterson quarter-ton centerboard is ready for someone to restore it! Has a new rudder, new bulkheads, sitting on a tandem axle trailer, and comes with some other gear"

2022 September, From Facebook "Steve Shaw recently purchased the boat. Will be heading to Mooresville, North Carolina for a full refit."