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Status Quo, IR 419
à jour au: 2020
19?? plan Doug PETERSON, Conrad-25,

1985 ISORA, 4/7 races: 4e/6 B2, P. KENNY

1986 ISORA, 5/7 races: 1er/6 B2, P. KENNY

1987 ISORA, 2/7 races: 17e/34 B1

1992 Cork Week: ?e/??
October "Yachting World",

2000 Cork Week: ?e/??, POWER

Picture from the book "Howth a century of sailing" by W.M. Nixon, received from Vincent (2017)

2020 June From Facebook, "Yes a good 'hose off!' Would clear a lot of it! Then WD40 & a good weekends attack with a 'service kit & flask! As for name, there was a Status Quo' 1/4 toner based done in the west back in the 80's. thought she was wrecked in Dunmore East after breaking her mooring..."

December, from Facebook, "today near Kilmacthomas"