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à jour au: 2024
1980? plan Doug PETERSON, Conrad 760


Solidarity, IRL 7274

1998 Jim Molloy, based in Howth Yacht Club, picture received from Vincent D (2017);

2007 For Sale

2014 For Sale, EUR 7,950, lying at Dun Laoghaire Marina Co Dublin Ireland:

2024 Januray, For Sale, Solidarity is a Conrad 760 built approx 1980. She has been very successfully raced in club racing in Bangor Northern Ireland since 2015, repeatedly winning the 'round the buoys' series trophies. Internally she is almost empty having been completely stripped out by the previous owners. As part of that refurbishment the hull was stripped of all anti-fouling and a lead boot added to the keel. The hull remains in excellent condition with all anti-fouling smooth. The rig has a 'bendy' mast with running backstays and check stays - so almost completely tweakable for optimum performance. Running rigging has been replaced as required. All fore and aft sails were replaced for 2019 season - but have only been used 3 seasons as 2020 was cancelled due to Covid and the boat was ashore last summer. The new sails were Mainsail and No1 and No2 Genoa by North in 3Di material - really lovely and the No3, blade jib by Hyde. There are 3 spinnakers with the boat. Solidarity has proved to be a very stable boat - much better downwind than many other quarter tonners which seem to have a tendency to roll more. Cosmetically, Solidarity could do with some tlc. There are no working instruments, but keenly tuned crew senses seem to have worked quite well! Since 2014 she has wintered ashore on her own yard trailer and covered with a heavy duty cover. The yard trailer and winter cover are included in the price, but if not required we would open to negotation to reflect that.

April, from Facebook, "Solidarity Coming to Strangford Lough very soon",