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C'Est Si Bon, S 5050
à jour au: 2022
1977 plan NORLIN, gréement en tête

1977 QUARTER TON CUP, Helsinski: 9e/53, ?
Picture of Tom Scheinin from Finland (who was at the Worlds as a young spectator)

Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2016: 

2014 For Sale
"Course change. I will have to abandon my 1/4 ton project. Norlin 1/4 ton centerboarder, built for QTC 1977. Was no. 9 and sistership sailed by Peter Norlin no.3 Good vinylester hull and deck, still good sound when you knock. Open for any offer" Hasse Malmsten,

2017 August, Dutch QT Class facebook: "Wow, Hasse Malmsten is restoring the Peter Norlin daggerboard 1/4 tonner 'C'est Si Bon' (S-7636) that finished 9th at the 1977 Quarter Ton Cup in Helsinki, Finland. Her sistership 'Butterfly' finished 3rd in Helsinki with skipper and designer Norlin himself. Looking good Hasse, keep up the good work and please keep us posted!"
Before - After

2022 June, Norlin 1/4-tonnare, kappseglingsikon under renovering For Sale This is "C'est si bon", a Peter Norlin / Håkan Lindqvist drawn quarter hour from 1977. Participated in the World Championships in Helsinki the same year, and was with his sister a unique design from our perhaps greatest boat designer of all time. Unique in that she has all the ballast (1200kg) in the keel, the center table was then in plywood. This trend was highly topical between 1977-79, when the loophole was usually closed again. It had been shown early on that the advantages were noticeable in terms of speed, if the crew had the right (dinghy) competence and the sailing was adapted in that direction. -79, almost all of these boats were converted to a solid, traditional keel and became a bit more like "everyone else". All but one then, C'est si bon. And like many of these boats from the time when experimentation was great, she has slowly lost its luster and decay has taken root. She was rescued from the scrap yard a number of years ago, and a very ambitious renovation project was started by me. Not to putty and paint a little, but this is a thorough renovation from scratch and up. The goal is to get her in a better condition than new. So every millimeter has in practice been checked and rebuilt with modern methods. She is now structurally and aesthetically in better shape than in 1977. Massively much more love is laid down in the form of accuracy and execution than then. What has been done is documented and can be followed if interested. This is a dream project for any person or group who wants to continue where the "fun" is left, because all the really heavy is done. Hours and money are not counted, to keep the pants up! The interior is finished, as are the deck, cockpit and transom Left to do: * Sanding, filling and (spray) painting of the hull and bottom. * New center table, preferably carbon fiber. * New rudder, same there and saves 45 kg (original weighed 55 kg!) * Tire equipment in the form of blocks, ropes, etc. (suitable sponsorship?) * Cast lead ingots 1200kg for mounting in the keel hog. Very nice rig available. No sails. The goal has been, and should continue to be, to restore her to its original design, albeit with a modern twist. In terms of sailing, she is expected to be magical, definitely a winner, and an exciting challenge for a capable crew. Sold with some sadness because the economy set limits for completion and that time is not enough. 12 000 kr/20 000 kr