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2 Different Norlin boats: a one off and a production boat:


Lil Scampi, S ????
à jour au: 1970
1970 plan Norlin,

1970 29 July, Quarter Ton Cup, Travemunde: ?e/??, Peter NORLIN

"Lil Scampi 26 drawing", picture from Facebook 2023,

Bonita, S ??
à jour au: 2023
1970 plan Norlin, Lill Scampi/IW 26 #02 built by IW-varvet in Henån on the west coast of Sweden, hence the name IW26

1970 5 July, Round Gotland Race: DNF/??, (rig failure shortly after start in Sandhamn, outer Stockholm archipelago), Bo B.
Picture from "Dagens Nyheter" via Frederik 2023,

???? Second owner

???? Third owner

???? Fourth owner

"The boat has been in the town of Västerås in the western parts of Lake Mälaren from the mid-80's to 2010"

2010 Fifth owner, "who moved the boat to the Stockholm area"

2022 Autunm, sixth owner, Federik, based western Stockholm in Lake Mälaren, and new sail number,
Bonita, SWE 221

2023 June, received from Frederik "Now, still with the same unusual rig for the boat with double spreader", "I have an old main sail  from the 70's with the marking "S2". The last owner has done much renovation on her, but there are still some things to do for me.", "I thought it was a bit curious, as my boat has a very special rigging solution that I have not seen on any other IW26. It has a mast from the now deufunct German firm Anbau, like many other IW26s, but my mast has a double pair of spreaders (with differently located chainplates for the shrouds). whereas all other IW26s I have ever seen, has just a single pair of spreaders. I thought this would trigger some memories with at least someone. But no."

16 June,