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Tequila Sunrise, US 18876
Last update:
1976 plan Gary Mull, built by "Sudden Yachts"


1976 Le bateau appartenait à John Aitken de Palo Alto, Californie
, Corpus Christi: 32 - 24 - 23 - 23 - dns = 32e/36, Jake van HEECKEREN

1979 San Francisco Bay, National Quarter Cup: ?e/11, John AITKEN
November, "Latitude 38",

1980 Pacific Coast Championship: ?e/??
3 September, National Quarter Cup, San Francisco: ?e/??

1983 Golden Gate Mid Winters: 2e/?? IOR D, RUNYON/FRIBERG

Sailing Anarchy Forum 2012, fom "Tomeo": "I was part of the crew on Tequila Sunrise in the late 70's thru the early to mid 80's when I went to crew on a Santana 35. Tequila Sunrise was a 1/4 tonner. She had a flush deck with a small cockpit. The hull was yellow with red stripes. The original engine was an inboard rotor tiller engine (for real). the engine exhausted into the interior of the hull which made life difficult. You had to go below to start/stop the engine and change speed. Some time in the early 80's Gary gave us some new alterations for the boat. We took out the rotor tiller engine and cut off the transom. We built the open stern and installed an engine mount on the stern for an outboard engine. This work was done in preparation for the Pacific Coast Championship that year. That was the first year Summertime Dream sailed (1980). Tequila performed very well and was competitive. She was fast on all points but a hand full in heavy air downwind. There may have been more boats built, I remember only one other boat that was out of the same hull mold, called Sasquatch. That boat had a small cabin and while I never went below on that boat I think she may have had a more elaborate interior that Tequila Sunrise which basically had no real interior. I have a set of lines for Tequila Sunrise Gary gave me years ago to build a 1/2 hull. The 1/2 hull is hanging on the wall in my family room. Enjoy"

2016 Pictures from Dutch QC Facebook:

March, mail and picture from Patrick Kohlman : "Found the quarter ton Tequila Sunrise in Bad shape. I'm working with the owners to salvage her. Anybody interested in restoring it?"

2018 Information from Dutch QC Facebook: "The boat actually belonged to John Aitken of Palo Alto, CA."