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Espresso, US 14877
à jour au: 2017
1975 plan Gary Mull,


1976 June, US Quarter, Hilton Road: 1 - 5 - 4 - 5 - 1 = 3e/24
Quarter Ton Cup,
Corpus Christi: 3e/36, Frank DARDEN

Comment and picture from Facebook 2023 "An old picture that came up on my timeline. I'm not sure if it has been shared here before. Espresso (14877) is a Gary Mull 1/4 ton (27') built in 1976. She is a sistership to Spread Eagle, Falcon, Tequila Sunrise, and possibly others. There is a little more history on her that can be found with a search in the forum. In my locale, it was owned by Tee Portas, then Andy Boykin, followed by Wes Stanley, who I sailed with, and then Mike Smith. In this picture, it is being sailed by Andy Boykin out in front of Pascagoula, location of her most enduring berth."

2017 from Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Here in action at the Lost Bay Regatta (Point Yacht Club) in Alabama. Thanks for the picture Michael Smith! Love the BBQ :-)... The boat is for sale by the way. Anyone? ... Hi Matt, think still at the Point Yacht Club in Alabama!",

2019 October, from Dutch QT Class Facebook, Stephen T. Adams "I used to frequently sail on Expresso (Espresso) when the boat was located and sailed in the Mississippi gulf coast area.  Recently, the boat has returned to Mississippi and is on the hard in Ocean Springs.  She floats, is in average shape, but in desperate need of attention before being race worthy.  The state of her rig is unknown…";