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Liste des bateaux, Boat's List:

Fantasy KA Kaufman 1975 built by her owner Cliff Penny;
1975 April "Offshore" australian magazine,

Great Scott KA Kaufman 19??, renamed "Isabella";

Isabella KA Kaufman 19??, ex "Great Scott";

Okka KA Kaufman 19??;

Slanderous Allegations KA Kauffman 19??, renamed "Great Scott";

Slanderous Allegations, KA
Last update: 2022
19?? plan S Kaufman, built in Williamstown Australia


19?? First owner, Barry Fitzgibbon

1984? New owner, John Molloy and new name:
Great Scott, KA

1989 Dick Lean Trophy, Melbourne: 1er/?? Ior, John MOLLOY

19?? New owner, Terry Oakley

19?? New owner, Peter Clark

2000 About New owner, Ron Joosten, based in Port Phillip and new name:
Isabella, KA

2013 Pictures and comment from Facebook 2022 "Here is a photo of a boat I saw and liked in Victoria, Melbourne AUS. Photo is now old, 2013 and the yacht Isabella looked already back then abandoned. Does anyone here knows anything about her and if she's still there?"

20?? Destroyed

Comment from Facebook 2022, Ron Joosten "I was her last owner and had to chop her up when she deteriorated beyond seaworthyness. She was named Great Scott when I got her about 2000 because she was a Scott Kaufman design built in Williamstown Australia. I renamed her Isabella and had great fun sailing her in Port Phillip. Isabella rated 1/4 ton was 25 foot and built from ply covered with Dynal sheeting."