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Last update: January 2024
1978 plan Michel JOUBERT, Extra Paulette quillard

Tamaris, NED 1558

2012 New owner: Jasper de Swert
Fury, BEL 1558
Then refit.

19 April, Van Uden Reco Stellendam Regatta, Stellendam: 3e/4 Quarters

2015 Janvier, received informations and pictures from Jasper de Swert : "The boat was bought in the Netherlands in 2012, before it was named Tamaris. It was in poor condition. I have no other info. We did a basic refit and gave the boat a new paint job and bought new sails. From time to time we change some parts, but it is running good. Next month the boat will get a new ORC certificate for upcoming season to sail some regatta’s. We plan to build a new rudder as the current one is very bad."

Van Uden Reco Stellendam regatta: 4e/4 Quarters, Jasper de Swert
June, The boat is for sale, check www.marktplaats.nl/…/m930082626-1-4-ton-type-extra-paulette… Lengte (m): 7.4m, Breedte (m): 3m, Diepte (m): 1.7m, Displacement: 1350kg, Materiaal: Polyester, Bouwjaar: 1978, Motor: Recente Buitenboordmotor 4pk Tohatsu, Ontwerper: Joubert et Nivelt, Bouwer: Boudignion, 4 200 Euros...

2018 13 October, 31e Antwerp Race: 8e/10 CR6, 7h27' elapsed time, Wouter MAZIJN

2024 January, from Facebook Back to all auctions, M. Joubert Quarter Ton Class Starting amount € 3,00, Designed by Michel Joubert and manufactured at Jean Boudignon's shipyard, this sailboat is an elegant and seaworthy choice for sailing enthusiasts. With its classic round bilge hull shape and striking blue hull color, this boat immediately attracts attention on the water. The deck and superstructure of the boat are immaculate white and made of polyester. The boat has an aft cockpit, which is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view. With a draft of 166 cm and a fixed keel, this sailboat offers excellent stability and sailing characteristics. The displacement of 1,536 kg contributes to its balanced performance on the water. The steering is done via a tiller on the outside, so that the skipper has a clear overview of the sailing area. Inside the boat, you will find comfortable accommodation with one cabin and fixed berths for three people. Although compact, the cabin is equipped with mattresses and pillows for a good night's sleep during multi-day sailing trips. This sailboat is powered by a 2017 4 hp Mercury outboard motor, which runs on gasoline. The boat is equipped with a 12V battery for the necessary electrical facilities. Navigation and safety are well covered, with a Raymarine compass, log/speed and depth sounder, as well as navigation lights for the nighttime hours. The rigging includes an aluminum mast and wire rope rigging, and the boat comes with an impressive sail area of 63.4 m2, divided over five laminate sails (mainsail, genoa, and jib) from Wittevrongel. With five manual winches, sail trimming is an effortless task. Dimensions: 7.43 m x 3.02 m x 1.66 m, Material: Polyester Year: 1978 Berth: Newport