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à jour au: octobre 2018
1978 plan Michel JOUBERT, Extra Paulette quillard

Tamaris, NED 1558

2012 New owner: Jasper de Swert
FURY, BEL 1558
Then refit.

19 avril, Van Uden Reco Stellendam Regatta, Stellendam: 3e/4 Quarters,

2015 Janvier, received informations and pictures from Jasper de Swert : "The boat was bought in the Netherlands in 2012, before it was named Tamaris. It was in poor condition. I have no other info. We did a basic refit and gave the boat a new paint job and bought new sails. From time to time we change some parts, but it is running good. Next month the boat will get a new ORC certificate for upcoming season to sail some regatta’s. We plan to build a new rudder as the current one is very bad."

Van Uden Reco Stellendam regatta: 4e/4 Quarters, Jasper de Swert
Juin, The boat is for sale, check www.marktplaats.nl/…/m930082626-1-4-ton-type-extra-paulette… Lengte (m): 7.4m, Breedte (m): 3m, Diepte (m): 1.7m, Displacement: 1350kg, Materiaal: Polyester, Bouwjaar: 1978
Motor: Recente Buitenboordmotor 4pk Tohatsu, Ontwerper: Joubert et Nivelt, Bouwer: Boudignion, 4 200 Euros...

2018 13 octobre, 31e Antwerp Race: 8e/10 CR6, 7h27' elapsed time, Wouter MAZIJN