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Carmilla 3, I 8130
à jour au: 2020
1979 plan JEZEQUEL,


1981 Alassio: 2e/?? Classe VI-VII, SALTERIO

1982 Alassio: dématage, DNF/??
Mai "Yachting à Voile",

2020 From Facebook 2020, Didier "It should be the Carmilla 3, I-8130, late seventies early eighties, bought by the Imbrioscia family on Lake Como. She took part in many regattas in the gulf of La Spezia, and then in Alassio, where she dismasted, after some modifications to the sail plan and the elimination of the bumpers the boat completely changed gear! It was then used even for small cruises( two weeks! ) in the area of the island of Elba"