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Kevlara, I 8780
à jour au: 2018
1979 plan Jezequel, Built by Fabio Buzzi FB Design

1979 Quarter Ton Cup, San Remo: 35 - 30 38 - 45 - dns = 44e/56, RECASENS

Picture from Dutch QT Facebook

1994 New Owner Davide Casetti and new name:
Lussuria, I 8780

Comment and pictures from Facebook 2021, "Davide Casetti shared some pictures of the 1979 Jezequel 1/4 tonner 'Lussuria' (I-8780) he owned from 1994 to 2000. He sailed her from Lecco on Lake Como (Italy)."

Picture from Dutch QT Facebook 2018,

2003 New Owner

2018 March, Info and Picture from Dutch QT Facebook: "Here one of a Lecco regatta start against Emozioni a mini ton. The hull of Kevlara was in Kevlar honeycomb and the weight was 90 Kg. The keel was mobile with a hydraulic circuit. Unfortunately I do not know where she is now. I sold 15 years ago to some guys on the Como lake but I have not seen her anymore. I searched because I would like to re buy, but no info. Now I'm sailing H22 class and Star boat."