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à jour au: 2019
1979 plan Jezequel, un "116" construit dans son chantier, en plastique armé et kevlar, ?m,

, San Remo: 4 - 1 - 31 - 1 - 13 = 9e/56, NEWLANDS
Sous les couleurs anglaises!
Photos Dutch QT Class Facebook 2016,

1980 Italian Quarter Ton Cup: ?e/??
Pictures from Dutch QT Facebook, November 2017,

1981 21 aout, Champ International de Méditérrannée des classes VI: 2e/49 classés, FARAONE
20 septembre, QUARTER TON CUP, Marseille: 12 - dém - ? - ? - ? = 29e/31
Photo et commentaires trouvés sur Dutch QT Facebook, en octobre 2016:
Gerardo Faraone: "Yes, I sailed her. I was the first owner. With this boat I took part in quarter ton cup in 1979 in Sanremo e after in 1981 in Marseille an many other races. The crew was Sandro Berti Ceroni at the helm, Marco Pomi, Augusto Baruzzi and myself."

1988 Campionato Italiano Vela D'Altura, Chiogga: 2 - 3 - 2 - 11 - dnf = 5e/24 Classe VI, Livio KARAN
Pictures from http://www.circolonauticochioggia.it/archivio/-/asset_publisher/AMv7lvKnF4co/content/Foto-campionato-IOR-1988,

Zanussi Free Way
11 juin, QUARTER TON CUP, Chiogga: 16 - 18 - 9 - 6 - 9 = 8e/27, MARAN & ZANE

From Dutch QTC Facebook 2018 ,
"Here the 1979 Jeqezuel 1/4 tonner 'Zanussi free way' at the 1992 Quarter Ton Cup in Chioggia (Italy). Alberto Zane was the 'optimizer': the sailmaker and the helmsman. They changed the centerboard with a lead elliptical fin keel, put a little Vire inboard engine with a long shaft in front of the mast so they could maximize the sail area with new mast, boom and sails. They finished 8th with the same points of 'B & BV', another 1979 Jezequel 1/4 tonner. 'B & BV' won the 1994 Quarter Ton Cup in Warnemünde (Germany)!" Thanks for the picture Alberto!"

2019 Septembre, from Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Ran across some pics of the Jezequel 1/4 tonner ‘Free Way’ in an Italian sailing FB group. She is located in the Marano Lagoon in the North of Italy and is still racing!"

2020 January, For Sale at the moment in Italy