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Hunky Dory, D 727
à jour au: 2019
197? plan Phil Atkinson, Demon Tweaker

1974 New Zealand Quarter Ton Series: 1er/??, Phil ATKINSON

1986 New owner

2019 From Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Tony Raven send this picture of his Phil Atkinson 1/4 tonner 'Hunky Dory' which he owned for 13 years. The design was commonly known as a Demon Tweaker, Phil’s own boat. He won the 1974 New Zealand Quarter Ton Series with her. A great boat!"

Tony Raven "there where approx 13 built in NZ all hard chine and ply construction. To my knowledge none went overseas and raced so possibly why you havnt herd of them. Phil Atkinson was a well known designer in NZ and Australia. ????"