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Hannovian, K 6117
à jour au: 2018
1975 plan Kim Klaka, build by himself in cold-moulded gaboon timber

1973 Designed

1974 Built in his back garden,

1975 May, launched at Holyhead,

, Deauville: 36e/43,
Kim Klaka, (2017), "This is a photo of the start of one of the races in the 1975 Quarter Ton Cup cut out from the local Deauville newspaper. Our (Kim Klaka) boat 'Hannovian' is second on the right, ahead of the Farr 727 'Genie'. Paul Elvstrom is also in the picture somewhere behind us, We always had a good start, then gradually sailed our way to the back of the fleet! Long story, seasick crew, new crew, damaged mast etc..."

1976 Sailing at Holyhead,

1977 Sold in Holyhead

Ends of 1980 still in Holyhead, and last information...

2017 April, received via "https://www.facebook.com/kwarttonzeilers"
"Attached are design drawings of Hannovian. They are very approximate because thy were drawn after the boat was built. The boat was designed on the loft floor, and was built by the designer so most of the design was in his (my) head! I was 20 years old at the time, with lots to learn. Yes, I designed it when I was 19 years old, built it in the back garden when I was 20, and co-skippered it when I was 21 in the 1975 QTC in Deauville. The other crew were:  Harry, who had only been on a boat twice before (and I had never met him before Deauville), Lawrence, who had never been on this boat before  (he crewed with me on ayesha in the 73 cup, and later co-owned and skippered the Stephen Jones- designed “ Gaia" in the 1978 half ton cup), and  my father as co-skipper, who was recovering from a heart attack 4 weeks previously.  We were not a well-organised team!  Hannovian was built of cold-moulded gaboon timber, 3 skins of 3mm, making 9mm total thickness. The sails were by McWilliam in Ireland. We used the same keel casting as the 73 boat Quarto.The mast was an early Bergstom-Ridder rig from Kemp Masts (now Selden). The Technical Director of Kemp Masts was David Potter, who  sailed the Chance 24  Tiger Rag in the 73 Cup and afterwards had the radical Trower-designed Warbird built in the 1970s.  Despite its extreme shape, Hannovian was a very well balanced hull - we never broached. After the 1975 Cup I lived on the boat in Southampton, racing in the Solent for 1 season before sailing the boat back to Holyhead (where it was built). We sold the boat in 1977, it stayed in Holyhead until at least the late 1980s, I don’t know if it is still afloat; I doubt it." rgds, Kim

Nancy Jones,

2018 Pictures from "https://www.facebook.com/kwarttonzeilers"