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Mazatlan, MX 1
à jour au: 2014
1979, plan Ron Holland, Manzanita


1979 The boat was optimized by Jim Lensveld (Jachtwerf Middelharnis) for the QTC of 1979 in San Remo: was lighter then the normal Manzanitas, had an open transom, a longer mast and more sail. A real upwind rocket!
Quarter Ton Cup
, San Remo: 31 - 37 - 44 - 37 - dns = ?e/59, optimized by Jim Lensveld,

1980 New Owner: Rob Hartman

1983 Dutch Verbondsbezem: 1er/?? IOR Class VII, Rob HARTMAN

2013 For Sale in Netherland

2014 The boat is still in the Netherlands, waiting for a refit and a new future. If you want more info, just send the current owner Nick Spaans a PM

All informations and pictures are from Dutch QT facebook.