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à jour au: 2022
1977?, plan Ron Holland, Manzanita

1977? First Owner in Sweden: Eric Hagen

The Apple, S 8322
Quarter Ton Cup, San Remo:
40 - 14 - 21 - 25 - 23 = ?e/56

1980 News Owners: Bjorn Johansson and Christer Berndtsson

1985 Sold to Ingolf Jensen and Håkan Erneborn, based in Marstrand

Carlsten, SWE ??

2016 For Sale, from Dutch QT Facebook: "'Carlsten' was built in June 1977 and sailed the 1977 Quarter Ton Cup in Helsinki. According to old IOR measurement forms the first owner in Sweden was Eric Hagen. Previous owners also were Bjorn Johansson and Christer Berndtsson. Anyone more info?";

2018 For Sale, from Dutch QT Facebook: "Hello, Yes it’s her! Björn and myself bought her from Eric Hagen in 1980 and sold her to Ingolf Jensen and Håkan Erneborn in 1984-85. All of us from Marstrand on Swedish westcoast. Don’t have many pictures, it was before we had digital cameras... I did find some from a regatta here in Marstrand though. Groetjes Christer Benrdtsson"

One for sale that need a full restauration. located in the west coast of Sweden. €1500

2022 May, from Facebook "Now my old Manzanita will be cut up. She is in bad shape and I needed to get rid of her now But I have one more"