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Farm & C, I 8655
à jour au: 2022
1977 plan Ferderico Cellini, built by Cantiere Eurovela in Civitanova Marche (Italy)

Received from Federico Cellini, "After many efforts, the boat was perfectly built by Cantiere EUROVELA in Civitanova Marche (Italy) in 1977; she was a wooden cold moulded construction with three okoumè layers for a whole thickness of mm.8.
The boat was thought at 18 feet rating and just at the end of her construction Quarter Tonner’s limit jumped to 18.5. Of course the only possible work useful to increase rating was on sail plane resulting, at the end, a “useless over power”.
Thinking to the Quarter Ton Cup in San Remo, the starting choises for probable light winds were: Small boat, Clean lines, Light boat, Minimum pitch, Big sails
Answers were: l.o.a. m. 7,20 B.Max m. 2,70 Dspl  kg.1250 l.w.l. m.6,10 Real S mq.34 (jib + main); A neutral fin keel (ab. Kg.30) and almost kg.900 inside the boat as a ballast
Because poor budget we had just 1 main, 2 jibs and 1 spinnaker for two seasons !!!

1979 Italian Championship, Venezia: ?e/??
"FARM & C showed  good performance upwind (often within first five boats at the first mark) but she went too much slow comparing with flat long hulls by Jezequel, Berret or Fauroux"

1980 Medium Adriatic Championship: 1er/??
"We won one year later (thanks to a new genoa) the Medium Adriatic Championship beating some good Quarter Tonners as a new Jean Berret and a huge (more than 8 meters l.o.a.) Taddei."

October, received from
Federico Cellini, "I designed with two friends of mine when I was seventeen. At that time I was in the Youth Italian Team 470….. During her 43 years and several owners, the boat lost the fixed center board and acquired a terrible dog house….. Now the boat has no fittings but a still good hull  in a failed boatyard"