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Foxbat, KA
à jour au: 2021
1978 plan Joubert, built by owner, centreborder

1978 Owner Chris Oldfield

Comment from Facebook 2024,

1986 Sold

Picture & Comment from Facebook 2024

2010 Lying in Hobart

2021 28 October, For Sale FoxBat, a beautiful 7.7m Yacht for Sale. Must sell ASAP! $5,000 Negotiable, Foxbat is a wonderful Peter Joubert designed GRP hull. She is one of a kind and was designed to race. Measuring 7.7m in length with a 2.73m beam and 1.1m draft. Weight is approximately 1900kg. She will be able to fit into some nice little coves. Registration #50084, current till 31/12/2021. Hull Year:1980, Length (ft):25

November, from Facebook, Chris Oldfield "Currently for sale for not very much in Hobart, Tasmania. Gosh I hope someone buys her and looks after her. She is at Cooper Alley Bay, Lymington Tasmania near Cygnet. I can get contact details of the owner if you like."

2023 February, Picture & Comment from Facebook,