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??, K ????
A jour: Septembre 2019
1970 plan Finot,

Petite Fleur, GBR 6500

2011 Round The Island: NOD

2013 Round The Island: NOD

2013 1er juin, JP Morgan Round the Island: 13e/??? ASC Division 8A, 8h59' elapsed, 8h14' corrected

2014 21 juin, JP Morgan Asset Management Round the Island: DNF

2016 2 juillet, Round Around Island: DNF/469 IRC overall
Medway Cruiser Autumn Series, on the entrants list, Tony OWENS

2018 Medway Cruiser Autumn Series: 1e/5 NHC2, Nigel MILLER

2019 September, picture and comment from Facebook page, "based at Chatam Marina and now sports a cabin",