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Re.Invention, KA R 27
à jour au: 2019
1982 Plan Fauroux

1984 26 aout, QUARTER TON CUP, Nieuwport: 13 - 16 - 4 - 6 = 7e/26, BIRKILL
Dutch QT Class Facebook 2015,

Picture from Facebook 2020,

Picture from Dutch QT Class Facebook 2021, " in her days sailing from the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria in Australia",

1988 Martini Trophy, Victoria: 2e/??

1990 JOG Victoria Trophy: ?e/??, Lloyd FALLSHAW

2019 September, From Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Where is she Terry? Do you know a name and/or a sailnumber? Did she sail the Quarter Ton Cup in Australia?"
Terry Oakley:  "She was originally known as Re Invention and sailed from Royal Yacht Club of Victoria"
"She was chartered by another owner and sailed the Worlds in Belgium circa 1983 (84), I think"
Terry Oakley "the boat is still in Melbourne and is about to be cut up"

2021 October, From Facebook "some friends of mine owned it out of HBYC and sold it to a guy at RMYS who bought it and then lost the rig. I think it was bought by someone and headed off to a factory for a rebuild"