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Delirium, KZ 2768
à jour au: 2019
19?? plan FARR, Farr 727


1980 25 October, NZ QTC Trial Series: ?e/15

Go, KZ 2768

2009 5 aout, Simrad 60, elapsed time 9h04': 4e/15 Smallboat

201?New owner and new name,
Underground, KZ 2768

2019 January, from Facebook, "Here's Underground on her way past Needle rock, Coromandel. We left Halfmoon bay for the bottom end of Waiheke Island and headed down the coast to Colville. Underground handled the Channel Island channel beautifully in 1.5 to 2m swells, wind against the tide for a short period. We then carried on to mercury Island where we stayed in Huruhi harbour for the night. For the last leg we cruised out past old man rock and round devils point for a straight run towards front beach, Whitianga. After our first long haul voyage since the refit, we are stoked with how underground performed. Anyone else out and about on their 727's this summer??"