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Julian Everitt:


Liste des bateaux:

44 Magnum K 7130 Everitt ?, 2014 15 July, on The Clyde Yacht Clubs' Association list, Owner: Philip Lloyd-Cox;
Absolution K 7129 Everitt #034B 1977, "Flat tops work really well on Quarter Tonners. A Julian Everitt Design from 1977 racing in 2017. All original apart from the mainsail, of course. No changes to rig, keel or rudder." from Everitt Facebook 2019;

Broach Buster K 1981, ex "Highlander", renamed "Highlander";
Highlander K 1981, renamed "Broach Buster";
GBR 7290 design #059 1980, 2017 Pictures and comment from Dutch QT Facebook, "owned and raced by Charlie Tait. Hard chines were all the rage back then", see below;

Locust K 7259Y 1981, ex 'Highlander", renomé "Magnum Evolution";
Magnum Evolution GBR 7259Y 1981, ex "Locust";

Natural Magic GBR 6161 Everitt #028 ?, Picture from Everitt Facebook page 2019; Not sure she is a Quarter Tonner,

123X (design 0034) Evolution 26 197?, 2012 Round The Island;

Picture from Everitt Facebook 2019,


2017 From J. Everitt website:

2019 From J. Everitt Facebook: