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Kalyma, ?
à jour au: January 2023
1980 plan Julian EVERITT, design 059

Kalyma, GBR 7290

???? New owner, Charlie Tait

2017 Pictures and comment from Dutch QT Facebook, "owned and raced by Charlie Tait. Hard chines were all the rage back then"

2023 Mid of January, from Everitt Facebook page, "Owner Charlie Tait has just sent me these pictures, taken a few days ago, of our Quarter Ton design Kalyma. With the enormous reaction to my plumb bow piece yesterday, I thought you all might find these images interesting. Bow and stern shapes are not created in isolation. Design features usually form, just a part of a particular design philosophy, that has multiple inputs.
Here we have perhaps our most radical hollow bow shape - the very antithesis of a scow bow.