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Bird Of Pray, CHN ???
à jour au: Juin 2023
1982 plan DUBOIS, Prototype design #55, fixed keel.

Close sister to Shiny Shovel

1982 Built in 1982 but never launched.

2007 Discovered in the back of the builders yard by Alistair SKINNER

Bird Of Pray, CHN 2008
Informartion from GB Quarter website: "Fully tricked out with Harken and 3DL's she is one quick boat with already the first silverware to her name."

2014 October, mail from Alistair SKINNER: "Bird of Prey you have listed, it appears, in Hong Kong - it is actually in Shanghai. The boat was actually built in 1982. Bird of Prey has a fixed keel and in many ways is a development of Enigma. Her design number ( I have a complete set of plans) is Dubois No 55"

2020 Pictures from Facebook 2023, "Kiral with Bird of Prey right behind 2020",

Picture from Sailing Anarchy 2020,

Picture from Facebook 2023