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Hades, H 2509
à jour au: janvier 2015
197? Plan Leen Hoogmoed, Drifter 25

1977 QUARTER TON CUP, Helsinski: ?e/??, DEKKER

From Dutch QT Facebook 2016,

1978 June, "Nieuwe Leidsche",

Picture from Dutch QT Class Facebook 2018,

2015 January, From Dutch QT Facebook: "Received some pictures from Robin van der Werff, a previous owner of the Drifter 25 1/4 tonner 'HADES' (H 2509). Robin made some great trips with the boat. The boat is in great shape, and we hope to see the current owner at the DQTC 2015! In 1977 Dekker junior (the son of the builder) sailed 'HADES' at the QTC in Helsinki. Designer Leen Hoogmoed sailed the Drifter 25 'Driftbui' (H 2478). Both boats finished in the middel of the pack."