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GR8Fun, K 8995
à jour au: 2016
19?? plan Davidson, (spare hull for Black Fun)

Around 2000 Launched

2006 18 février,

2007 11 novembre,

2009 16 octobre,

2016 January, Information and pictures from Richard : "I was then told of another hull which had been built at the same time as a spare hull for Black Fun. This boat was completed around 2000 and called GR8Fun, GR8 Fun was only a complete boat for a few years before the guy who completed her died.  I was in touch with his widow about the possibility of buying her."
Avril, For Sale Davidson Quarter Tonner 'GR8 Fun', Asking price: $8,500, Length: 7.93 Metres (26 Feet)... We’re switching to an auction. Reserve price a ridiculous $5,500. So for all you many (MANY) people watching this classified, have a look for GR8 Fun's new auction listing on Thursday morning