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Ocean Racer Chaser, KA 801
à jour au: 2019
1980 plan Davidson, L: 7,60m,


All pictures and blue comments are from Dutch QT Facebook 2018,


1980 Launch Day,

"Trial Race in Brisbane Prior to the 80 series – à Australie."

1981 "Winning the Winterseries in Brisbane 81 IOR JOG and Handicap – à Australie."

1982 QUARTER TON CUP, Melbourne: 1 - 2 - 1 - 5 - 4 = 3e/9. Rod DREDGE
Picture from Facebook 2021,

Signature SPORTSCAR Jul 20 2021 at SA: "ORC [Ocean Racer Chaser] at the Quarter Ton Cup in Melbourne in 1983. We won the long race and Rod Dredge as owner/ skipper won his weight in sponsors Champagne and Red Tulip chocolates."

???? "Fun Race Bribie Cup weekend Peter Hackett and his wife aboard with Peter home made windsurfer"

Ocean Racer Chaser, KA 5801

2000 In Sydney,

2012 2 February, Cook Island Race: 3e/10 PHS, John PALTRIDGE

2014 17 October, Cook Island Race: 5e/13 PHS, John PALTRIDGE

2018 "Presently sailing on the Gold Coast Qld Australia – à Australie".

2019 Septembre, received by HdesH Facebook,

For Sale in Australia, Davidson Quarter Tonner 26FT, $21’500, Contact Michael Small: 0411 427 799, juliemikes@bigpond.com ,Cat 7 Safety, 8 x Racing sails in very good condition (2018)
incl: Main, 2 x #1’s, #2, #3, masthead & hounds spinnakers & Asso Spin. All new (2018): winches, instruments, bilge pump, sheets, halyard, chain plates, mast step, compass, battery, solar panel, radio/VHF
Top end engine rebuilt 2018. New mast & rigging (2015)

Pictures from Facebook 2021,

Picture from Facebook 2021,
"Ocean Racer Chaser is actively sailing out of Southport Yacht Club on the Gold Coast QLD."