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French Connection III, SA 622
à jour au: septembre 2018
1980 plan LAVRANOS, Sweet Pea, built by Ton Cup Yachts, gpr hull and deck


(the CCG cable terminations, sponsor)

1982 12 July, Lipton Cup, Durban: 6e/8 Quarters, Joey SCHUBERT, Zekoe Vlei Yacht Club
September "Yachtsman RSA",

Mayan, SA 622

2011? New owner, Johan vd Westhuizen and new name:
Charlie, SA 622
Complete refit, with new winches, halliards, sheets, electrics, and paint

2012 "Johan won the club champs"
End of year, new owner,

2015 28 mai, RCYC Double Handed Series Overall Results: dnc - dnc - 3 - dnc - dnc = 9e/18 Division 2, Erhardt JOUBERT
23 juillet, au Royal Yacht Club, Cape Town:

2016 October, Round Robben Island Race: 1er/48, Erhardt JOUBERT

2017 January, Round Robben Island Race: 1er/17, Erhardt JOUBERT
March, received from Erhardt Joubert: "She has done 3 of 4 races in the RCYC double handed series of 2015 with 3rd of 12 boats, 8 out of 9 boats and 1st of 11 boats. I'm selling her at ZAR 60 000 now to upgrade to a Judel Vrolijk three quarter tonner." and "Charlie is a fantastic boat! I have personally reached 13 knots boat speed, but heard about others achieving 18 and even more knots in heavy seas! In light winds there is no comparison on handicap. We have on some legs out sailed modern racers, such as a J111' boat for boat... In strong breeze without a full compliment of crew she is a handfull, but with full crew and reduced sail area she still sails well upwind! Downwind in strong breeze she wil roll, but in the right hands she is still fast... Light winds she is spectacular in all points of sail! The designer, Angelo, has designed some spectacular race boats in the late 70's and 80's! There is no other boat in her price range or size range that I'd rather own... Charlie was completely refitted about 4 years ago with new winches, halliards, sheets, electrics, and paint. Since I've replace the no.1 headsail with a new carbon aligned fibre sail en she also biasts a kevlar no 3."

For Sale 60 000 ZAR

2018 Septembre, Photos de Stéphane,