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Pink Panther, H 2442
à jour au: 2015
1977 plan Carter, Dingbat

1977 Jan Leenaars bought the hull and Jim Lensveld (Jachtwerf Middelharnis, builder of many Extension 1/4 ton boats) finished the boat.

1978 Richard Todd bought ‘Pink Panther’ in Sliedrecht. He was told it was one of the prototypes.

The Todd family sailed in Zeeland and along the Dutch, Belgian and French coast.

1995 Sold.

Nimue, H 2442

2015 Aout, "The boat is called 'Nimue' at the moment and is waiting for a refit in Monnickendam. Hope to see her at the DQTC 2016 " information and pictures From Dutch QT Facebook:

In Dunkerque, France,