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Twenty Five, ??
à jour au: 2015
197? plan Cuthbertson and Cassian, C&C25

Twenty Five, NED 9099

2015 December, information and pictures from Dutch QT Class Facebook, "Recently Marco Scholte ordered a new set of North Sails 3DL sails for his completely refurbished C&C 25. The C&C 25 is a Cuthbertson and Cassian (C&C) design. Frans Hinfelaar of North Sails Belgium & Holland told Marco his boat is a ¼ tonner, and that a revival is going on in the Netherlands. Great news for Marco!
In the seventies his uncle bought the boat at Krijtenberg yachting, the Dutch C&C Yachts dealer. He had good fun with the her, but after 10 years on the hard, Marco... got the boat. After all these years the boat was desperately in need of some TLC. In two years the boat has been completely overhauled, even deck and bulkheads were removed. The boat got a new engine and a new rig, a slightly higher, keel stepped mast with double spreaders. The original 167% (!) genoa is replaced with a 105% and a 140% genoa. More or less the same sail area now, but more modern. Also the deck layout was completely modernized, all fittings and winches are renewed and hull and deck were repainted. September 2015 ‘Twenty Five’ was ORC measured (NED-9099), and Marco is planning to sail the 2016 Dutch Quarter Ton Cup with her.