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Black Bottom, ? ?
à jour au: 1973
1973 plan Tom Richardson, built by himself in his boatyard (Elephant Boatyard)

1973 QUARTER TON CUP, Weymouth: 27e/37.
Octobre "Les Cahiers du Yachting",

Octobre "Voiles et Voiliers"

"Neptune Nautisme",

Picture from Dutch QTC Facebook 2015 and comment below:

Angelo Lavranos: "Tom Richardson designed and built her at his boatyard (Elephant Boatyard) in about 1972. She was hard chine ply with a very flat low dead rise bottom and a central narrow nacelle running the full length that maximized the center and forward depth measurements she was a real rule beater and sailed well in a breeze but was a little sticky in the light airs. Tom and outstanding sailor would have been much better placed with his clever creation if he had stronger breezes. If I recall correctly it was Ron Holland who won Saling his own design.
'Black Bottom'. An interesting but unsuccessful 1/4 tonner at the 1973 QTC where she finished 27th.