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Arcobaleno, I 8717
à jour au: 1988
19?? plan Luca Taddei, modifed Stag 29 built by Dal Ferro using red ceddar.

1988 12 mai, Campionato Italiano Vela D'Altura, Chiogga: 13 - 20 - 16 - 14 - dns = 21e/24 Classe VI, Antonio VETTESE
Picture from http://www.circolonauticochioggia.it/archivio/-/asset_publisher/AMv7lvKnF4co/content/Foto-campionato-IOR-1988,

Picture from Dutch QT Class Facebook 2018,

2015 January, from Dutch QT Facebook: "Arcobaleno, 1/4 tonner, designed by Luca Taddei, built by Dal Ferro using red ceddar. This boat was originally built for the famous notaio Barziza using (more o...r less) the same design used for the Stag 29. Very long, 8,9 mt: queen of reaching. I owned this violin for a couple of year. Nice. Hope she is still sailing."