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Recurrence, F 6570
à jour au: 2020
1975 Proto Rouet,


1975 Avril "Neptune Nautisme", extraits d'un article sur la préparation française pour la QTC 19745,


? Même bateau - Same Boat ?

New (british) owner , ??, (Channel Islands harbour master)

19?? New owner, ??, "She was named semi-circle and painted red (originally i believe she was blue), the previous owner redecked her in plywood and put a 707 rig on her"

1997 New owner, Chris Boshier, from Plymouth
Bonzorella, FRA 6570

"In 1997, I put a wider stern and balanced rudder on her to replace the pinched IOR stern and skeg and spade arrangement, I also put an even longer mast on her in carbon and added a masthead spinnaker and 3/4 asymetric to compliment the fractional rig spinnaker and raced her locally in the Crouch with much success in class 3"

1998 Racing,

2002 Off water

2014 Scan of Archive Vertificate,

2020 September, received from the owner, Chris Boshier, "she is a unique build in kevlar and truly individual shape with a pinched clipper bow, very round bilge and tumblehome to the deck while the keel shape is reminiscent of a flying fifteen, so if you know of her, i'm sure she'd stick in your mind... She has been off the water since 2002 while i was working in Japan, but as I have some time now, I plan to rebuild her,  from the keel up, which will include redecking her again and adding a bit more volume to the bow. I am sure she was a one off and believe built for the French trials in 1975, but I don't know where I got that from... I would really like to rebuild the deck to as original shape as possible, while updating the hull a little more."